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Q: What’s the best way to apply for a position at HP?
A: The best way to join our team is to use our job search to apply directly for a position. Before applying, it’s a good idea to complete your candidate profile. This helps recruiters match your qualifications with future job opportunities. If you like, we’ll notify you about openings that match your profile.
Q: Is there anything I should do before applying?
A: Before starting the application process, make sure you have an electronic copy of your resume/CV. For other good ways to prepare, read our tips and hints.
Q: Can I submit my resume/CV as an attached file?
A. Definitely. In fact, we recommend attaching files (like your cover letter, resume, references, etc.) to your profile. You can also type or paste your letter and/or resume into the appropriate text field.
Q: How can I find out what positions are available?
A: Our job search organizes opportunities by region, location and site as well as position or function. You can also use the keyword search.
Q: Are all HP job opportunities listed on www.hp.com/go/jobs?
Including internships and graduate positions?
A: Absolutely. Our student and graduates job search lists all our experienced, graduate and internship positions available worldwide. Internship and graduate positions can also be found through our student/graduate job search. New jobs are posted daily, so come back often!
Q: What can I do if I’m not interested in a specific available job but still want to join HP?
A: Just submit a candidate profile and we’ll keep you on file. Recruiters use your profile to check your qualifications for future job openings. You can also choose to be notified of new openings that match your profile—that way, when something opens up, you’ll know right away.
Q: Do I need to answer all the questions on the application?
A: It’s a good idea to answer as many questions as you can. The more information you give us, the easier it is for recruiters to know if you’re right for the job.
Q: How long will my application remain active in the database?
A: You’ll stay active for 12 months from your last activity. But keep your profile active and up to date so we can match you up with the right position.
Q: What language should I apply in?
A: Apply in English if it’s your first language, or apply in the language of the country you’re applying for. If you’d like to be considered for jobs in more than one country, it’s a good idea to submit your resume/CV in English.
Q: How can I change my password? And what can I do if I forget it?
A: No problem. You can change your password by using the forgot password function on the log-in portion of your application or profile. We’ll send you an e-mail right away with instructions.
Q: How can I find out about internships at HP?
A: Visit our students and graduates page and choose your country from the country selector. This will take you to country-specific information about internships. You can find internships by region, location and site as well as function and duration. You can also use our keyword search.
Q: If I don’t find an internship in my area, can I still apply to HP?
A: Sure. Just submit a candidate profile that includes your work preferences along with your cover letter and resume/CV.
Q: After applying online, how can I get in touch with a hiring manager or recruiter?
A: Actually, you don’t need to follow up. If you’ve applied for a job online or submitted your profile, we’ll review your application and get in touch if you’re the right fit.
Q: What happens to my application once I’ve applied?
A: If you’ve applied for a specific job, the hiring manager or a recruiter will review your application and get in touch if we want to know more. If you’ve submitted a profile, we’ll contact you if something opens up that you’re right for.
Q: If I change my e-mail address, should I create a new account with my new e-mail address?
A: No, that’s not necessary. Just log in to your existing account and change your e-mail in the personal information section. Changing it here will also change the address you use to log in. Please don’t create multiple log-in accounts—it could delay your hire!
Q: How can I apply for telecommuting positions or job share at HP?
A: Telecommuting and other flexible arrangements are available in some positions. Ask your hiring manager about them in your interview.
Q: What if I try to apply but get an error message?
A: Sorry about that. Please report the problem right away on our feedback page. Make sure to list the requisition number.
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