We’re in the business of innovation

Every second of every day, all over the world, we help customers use our technology to improve their lives. That goal is at the heart of everything we do. Our global team collaborates across country lines, languages and cultures to invent solutions that drive humanity.

It sounds like a massive undertaking, doesn’t it? It is.
But we’ve learned that with people like ours, anything is possible.

Whichever team you join, you’ll find that imagination, encouragement and big-picture thinking are company-wide.

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Our company is divided into three distinct groups:
Sharing 140 billion digital pictures, enabling 70 percent of the world’s text messages, powering 106 of the world’s 120 stock exchanges—these are just a few of the challenges our Personal Systems Group takes on.

Whether it’s through business and consumer PCs, high-performance workstations, handheld devices, digital entertainment solutions, personal storage or Internet services, PSG helps us power the world.
Printing has evolved beyond printers. Our Imaging and Printing Group takes printing in the home, office and commercial settings to a whole new level. We’re constantly making advances in printing supplies, digital photography, and graphics and imaging technologies. The end result? Happy customers who keep coming back for more.
We’re known as the IT leader for a very simple reason: We take complex technology and make it easy to use in the daily lives of people everywhere. Our HP Enterprise Business leads this charge by developing our servers, storage and software. This team helps our customers get the most from IT, and keeps us at the forefront of our industry.