HP Benefits - Argentina

Our philosophy on rewards is simple: we believe that when excellent performance is acknowledged and rewarded, people are more motivated and work smarter.

The idea behind our compensation and benefits program is to encourage and support actions that enable HP to build on market leadership. This helps us strive toward exceptional achievement and when that achievement leads to increased profit, everyone shares in the rewards.

Our Total Rewards program differs from country to country, and depends on the seniority of the role, but whatever your role you can expect:

Competitive base pay

Moreover, we undertake constant analysis to ensure we are paying market rates - in every one of our locations around the world.

Performance-related pay

This is a key component of the Total Rewards program – and offers employees the opportunity to share in the success of HP which is a direct result of the collective performance of each of its employees. We believe our success should be shared and therefore a proportion of your salary will reflect the results you help us to achieve.

Comprehensive benefits

We offer health plans, income protection, retirement and savings packages, all tailored to the needs of the location in which you live and work.

Stock ownership

To make our priorities the same as our shareholders', HP makes it easy for you as an employee to own shares.

Work life Navigation

We fully recognize that each individual has different needs so we provide the tools, resources and environment that allow employees to “navigate” through their unique work and personal life challenges depending on their personal and business roles. This commitment is seen in the availability of work-life navigation tools and resources from e-tools, and working at home to job-sharing amongst many others.

Sports and social facilities

We believe that having a place to relax, socialize or exercise is important for all our employees so many of our major sites feature well equipped sports facilities whilst at others sports clubs are available for your use.

We encourage employees to develop their work and life skills in order to achieve personal as well as career goals. To this end, we support employees in acquiring additional relevant knowledge and training, as well as ensuring their work projects and assignments complement and accelerate their individual development.

Finally, at HP you will appreciate being in a motivating working environment, and enjoy the experience of working alongside many unique individuals as colleagues, in our marketplace and in the community, including men and women of different nations, cultures, ethnic groups, lifestyles, generations, backgrounds, skills and abilities.