Automatische Abwicklung von Gewährleistungsansprüchen

HP Warranty Services stellen umfassende Dienstleistungen zur automatischen Bearbeitung von Gewährleistungsansprüchen für Unternehmen bereit, die auf der Grundlage eines Netzwerks von Reparatur-Dienstleistern einen Kundenservice für Produkte bereitstellen. Der Service basiert auf Eclaim, unserer Webanwendung für Gewährleistungsmanagement, die in unserem Rechenzentrum gehostet wird.

Durch die Warranty Services automatisiert HP die Bearbeitung von Gewährleistungsansprüchen, sodass sich die Administrationskosten und der Bestand verringern lassen. Mit diesem Service lassen sich auch Umsatzverluste aufgrund von Betrügereien und der unsachgemäßen Prüfung von Ansprüchen verringern. Er trägt gleichzeitig zu einer höheren Produktqualität bei, da fehlerhafte Daten frühzeitig erfasst werden. So verbessert sich die Kundenzufriedenheit und Zahl der mehrfachen Käufe steigt.

Umfassender Service – auf Ihr Unternehmen zugeschnitten

Wir passen HP Warranty Services an Ihre speziellen Unternehmensanforderungen, Produkte und Gewährleistungsbedingungen an. Anschließend schaffen wir eine Schnittstelle zu Ihren Fertigungs-, Finanz- und Customer Relationship Management-Systemen. Sobald diese vollständig eingeführt wurde, schulen wir Ihre Mitarbeiter und unterstützung sie bei der Umstellung auf das neue System. Wir bieten darüber hinaus auch kontinuierlichen Support.

Zu den Warranty Services gehören die folgenden Funktionen:

  • Anspruchsabwicklung – Produktregistrierung, Überprüfung und Zuerkennung von Ansprüchen
  • Verwaltung von Garantieverlängerungen – Überprüfung von Ansprüchen, Support nach Ablauf der Gewährleistung und Entgegennahme von Zahlungen
  • Onlinebestellung und -tracking der Ware – E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen, Verkaufstracking und Details zu Waren mit oder ohne Gewährleistung
  • Effektivität der Gewährleistung – Studien zur Kundenzufriedenheit sowie Channel Incentive Program Management zur Belohnung Ihrer besten Servicemitarbeiter

Wir stellen eine große Auswahl an Berichten zu allen Facetten der Gewährleistungsprozesse bereit, damit Sie diesen Bereich Ihres Unternehmens effektiv verwalten können.


Inside HP Warranty Services Solution

HP Warranty Services equips you with a complete, integrated set of capabilities to automate, accelerate, and optimize your product warranty operations. The capabilities include:

  • Profiles and policy administration - Multi-tiered partner profiles administration and contracts/policy administration
  • Warranty management - Product registration, and entitlement verification
  • Claim processing - Includes product registration, entitlement verification, return/repair/claim data collection, batch and manual adjudication, invoice creation and payments
  • Global warranty business rule engine for claims validation/processing
  • Extended warranty management - Provides entitlement verification, out-of-warranty support, and funds collection
  • Online parts ordering and tracking - Provides e-mail notifications, sales tracking, details on warranty and out-of-warranty parts, and reports
  • Warranty effectiveness - Includes consumer satisfaction surveys, channel incentive program management, and reporting
  • Integrated swap stock management
  • RMA management
  • Supplier cost recovery.

With HP Warranty Services, global visibility of product units allows reduction of malpractice, intended and unintended, resulting in significant cost reductions and data reliability.

The capability of centralized control of all claims with the ability to delegate controls to multiple levels, such as regions, countries, service partners, and individuals allows the solution to be truly global while supporting local laws and cultures.

Why HP?

Discuss your warranty needs with HP. We can cut your warranty spend due to fraud and inadequate claims validation, improve dealer and customer satisfaction, increase product quality with our high-performance, Web-based, business-to-business warranty, and product failure management system based on HP Warranty Services.

The HP Approach

Our expert team analyzes your warranty process maturity and develops a high-performance customizable solution. We study your business to determine and propose the extent of customization of HP Warranty Services solution.

After customizing our solution to your business, we integrate it with your Web and legacy environments— including enterprise resource planning, product data management, purchasing, manufacturing, accounting, and finance systems. Training sessions and careful communications by HP prepare your service channel for the upcoming change.

To ensure a seamless solution rollout, we perform user testing at key sites, followed by pilots in specific regions and countries. We host the system and data at a single multi-client HP facility. This gives you efficient, cost-effective transaction support over the long term.

Service providers using our solution follow your standards to the letter on everything from claims approvals to parts orders and reimbursements.

Improved product quality

The comprehensive analytics feature of HP Warranty Services enables manufacturers to proactively detect and resolve quality issues. The data is also communicated to the product team to ensure that repeat issues do not occur. This commitment to continuous quality improvement strengthens brand trust, and helps create longer and better warranty terms.

HP Warranty Services transforms the warranty processing from a liability to a competitive benefit. This results in a better product design, lower warranty-related cost, improved supplier collaborations and regulatory compliance, and generates confidence among dealers.

The world’s premier companies and their service channels have trusted our solution for more than 15 years. We back this history with ongoing investments in our services. The benefits of these industry best-practices for our clients are real and measurable: Higher-quality products, customer growth, and tens of millions of dollars in savings on warranty spend.


Increase loyalty with better support

  • We customize HP Warranty Services to your business requirements, products and warranty terms. Then we interface it to your manufacturing, financial and customer relationship management systems. Once fully implemented, we train your staff and help transition them to the new system. But, that’s not it – we also provide ongoing support.
  • Cut your product warranty costs by 20% to 50% through global, automated, standardized processes, fraud analysis capabilities, and flexible online service delivery (ASP model).
  • Improve product quality and reliability by capturing your product defect data at the point of repair and moving additional failure costs back to suppliers.
  • Create best-in-class support behaviors through metrics, consumer surveys, and incentive-based channel management programs.
  • Increase your consumer loyalty and repeat buying with a positive service experience and give service providers a reliable system that helps drive desired performance.

HP Warranty Services – Value proposition

The key factors that constitute our value proposition include, minimizing the warranty spend, recovering supplier warranty accurately and quickly, leveraging the power of warranty intelligence, and transforming warranty from cost center to profit center. From this perspective, the following are the critical areas that drive value:

  • Claim validation saves 5% to 8%. You can automate validations with global rules, workflow, and exception process. With HP Warranty Services, you can enforce corporate policies on a global scale
  • Channel management saves 5% to 20%. This helps capture a repository of reliable data, removing shades of grey from debates. You can use reliable data to score service providers and fine-tune your channel.
  • Inventory management for swap stock saves 5% to 10%. You can track returns, refurbishment, and swap stock in a closed-loop process. You can get timely and reliable data that leads to lower swap-stock inventory.
  • Product quality saves more than 10%. You can increase charge-backs to manufacturers for failures and failure data visibility early in the process.
  • Warranty operation saves 3% to 5% globally. This helps shift staff from administrative tasks to managing the channel. In addition, this enables operations staff to change policies and rules online—with SOX compliance.

The HP Advantage – Solution Accelerators

HP Warranty Services solution provides numerous accelerators including pre-built transaction reports, process templates, and ready-to-use cases. The predefined relationships between processes, best practices, and KPIs enable manufacturers to optimize warranty reserve planning and warranty claims cost control. The following are some of the HP advantages:

  • We have more than 45 years of innovation in data processing, outsourcing, and systems integration. Key data is now available when needed, where needed, and at the level needed on a global scale. We integrate hundreds of independent systems into a common way of working.
  • We have 20-plus years of experience in warranty administration outsourcing service.
  • We have been providing HP Warranty Services, our business-to-business warranty processing solution, to some of the world’s leading companies for more than 15 years.
  • We deliver 7/24/365 global support to more than 3,000 service providers in 125 countries on 6 continents.
  • We manage approximately 10 million claim transactions on the Web annually, which represents more than $1 billion USD in warranty spending.
  • We position Warranty Services as part of a broader, integrated service lifecycle process as opposed to positioning as a narrow point solution. The services include applications, customer support, and channel integration.
  • We offer HP Warranty Services as a SaaS solution deployed in next-generation HP datacenters.
  • Based on industry-recognized best practices, HP Warranty Services come with multi-language and multi-currency capabilities.
  • We support and integrate warranty and claims processing/management with Contact Center Outsourcing Services.

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