Students & Graduates - Austria

We offer three programs: the HP Graduate Development Program, which provides a comprehensive introduction to our business, Internships, for undergraduate students seeking up to a year’s placement in the industry, and Ferialpraktika.

Our Graduate Program is designed to ensure you gain a complete understanding of everything we do. It might involve hands-on experience with a particular role on one team.

Either way, you get to know us inside-out, you get to show us what you can do, and you can then make an informed choice about your future. Best of all, you’ll pick-up a diverse range of new skills which you can apply anytime, anywhere.

Check individual roles for functional areas and application deadlines.

Internship placements are available and listed in the ‘search jobs’ section of this site. The majority of placements will begin June through August. No dates, we need to change them every year otherwise Ferialpraktika.

Openings are posted on-line, and the majority of placements are in June and July. Have a look!