Support for multiple credit products

HP Surveyor Application Processing Services facilitates quick and reliable credit decisions. It receives consumer and commercial credit applications from multiple delivery channels. It retrieves consumer and business credit reports, scores applications based on your criteria, and then provides decisions within seconds of application entry.

In one platform, Surveyor supports multiple credit products including consumer and business credit cards, consumer lending, student loans, and mortgages.

You can tailor features into such areas as business rules, credit lines, credit report evaluation, and scorecard processing. This drives down costs and reduce risks. Credit policies are administered consistently according to your business rules and policy settings. You benefit from our expertise and infrastructure and still save costs with pay-per-use fees.

Minimize compliance issues and distractions

Surveyor minimizes compliance and maintenance issues. We maintain updated versions of all credit repository systems and regulatory changes that impact credit originations. PCI-compliant, Surveyor is tailored to the functionality you need. Our parameter tables allow you to make product and rule changes without waiting for coding. This accommodates changing market conditions and regulations.