Unrivaled Experience and Processes

With more than four decades of experience transitioning personnel and technology to help clients manage change, we offer a proven process focused on the most important component—people.

Through the years, we have learned that any employee transition relies on the success of each stage of the process and each stage carries its own significance. We focus on all areas from the early stage of analysis to a steady state of delivery.

  • We have more than 45 years of experience managing transition processes.
  • We have performed more than 1,030 transitions, which involved over 170,000 people.
  • Our retention rate of transitioned employees after 12 months of employment is over 90%.

Focus on Success

With all our experience, we would be nothing without the approval of our clients. Our success is weighed solely by successfully reaching our clients objectives, and with this in mind, we approach each transition as a partnership. By leveraging best practices, efficient communication and optimized procedures, we create a seamless process in order to maintain business continuity.

Employees Are the Foundation

The Human Touch

Employees have always been at the foundation of HP success—and approximately one-third of services employees are from transitions. Organizations that select HP as their technology solutions partner can rest assured their employees are joining others who made the same journey. Their success—and our clients'—is the result of the ideal combination of a perfect mix of people, technology and experience.

A transition is more than a one-time event, it's the beginning of an ongoing opportunity for employees to update their skills, build their knowledge and increase their career options. Our process enables an enterprise's valuable intellectual capital to safely transfer via its skilled and knowledgeable employees, minimizing the risk of change. It's an approach that focuses on treating staff with sensitivity and eliminating unnecessary service outages to minimize risk and maintain business continuity.