Lower risk and complexity

Secure Payments

Eliminate the cost and ongoing effort of complying with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). HP Secure Payment Services offer a more secure, seamless, environment for accepting credit card payments—without touching customers’ sensitive card information.

Our shared-services solution has a secure data vault that transforms sensitive customer data into tokens, adding a layer of protection for your payment transactions. Your data is no long a target. Data in your systems is stored as a token while the payment card numbers are stored at HP.

We provide your customers with a secure website for entering their payment card information. At check out, customers are redirected—transparently—to HP to collect the sensitive data and authorize the payment. HP interfaces with numerous processors worldwide, making transactions between merchants and payment processors easy. You integrate once to HP, then we provide the gateway to multiple processors.

Reduce the cost and complexity of PCI compliance

Security is paramount, and breaches can create expensive, image-damaging problems. HP Secure Payment Services is the leader in worldwide transaction processing. Reduce your operating costs by routing e-commerce payments from your website to HP and transactions to the authorizer. Store tokens, not card numbers.

Leave the complexity of PCI compliance to us. You can lower the sizable cost of compliance and gain greater capabilities to adapt to the ever-changing PCI requirements. With our global secure network, best practices, integration expertise, and 40 years of transaction processing experience, you can focus on your core business, not on payment card security.