IT Infrastructure Migration and Upgrade Services

Organizations that are looking to improve Return on Investment (ROI), move to standards-based platforms and simplify management often begin with major migration and upgrade projects. These projects involve multiple data sources, substantial diversity in the underlying technologies and large data volumes. The cost of migration can significantly outweigh the cost of the new hardware and software, leading to missed business objectives if these migrations are not carefully planned.

HP Infrastructure Migration and Upgrade Services help you transition to new, standards-based operating systems—including Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, and Mainframe. We also offer services from Solaris to x86 and non-x86 platforms. Additionally, the services also support Oracle, SQL, DB2, and MySQL database migrations from one OS to another, such as Windows, Linux, or HP-UX—all with the least downtime and with no loss of data.

Ask yourself the following questions before beginning any migration or upgrade:

  • Is your current platform meeting your IT and business requirements?
  • If you need to transition to a new platform now or in the future, what is the ideal option?
  • How will you accomplish a risk-mitigated transition? And how long will the process take?

We help you realize your desired future state. Our experts will help you discover the benefits of modernizing your operations and will look at ways for infrastructure convergence in your environment to provide the improved ROI you are looking for.

Meet Migration and Upgrade Services expert Darrell James

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