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We believe in open source, and we believe we can make it even better for enterprise. In sponsoring these open source projects, we provide a level of enterprise rigor that makes it easier for companies to adopt and use.

Open Source Support

Open is the path to innovation

Both in the cloud and beyond, open standards lead enterprises to effective, innovative solutions faster. With OpenStack technology, HP defines a critical path for creating sound IT investments for an open, agile, secure environment that scales quickly and easily to deliver successful solutions. Constant improvements to OpenStack technology also ensure the ability to create the best solutions for the future.

Open matters.

OpenStack code is available to anyone to modify, improve, and give back to the community. That openness benefits everyone. Open matters because it prevents lock-in to one cloud platform or one provider. HP and OpenStack cloud computing allow free choice in the enterprise and ensure the ability to evolve organically as needs change moving forward.

Open is the way forward.

HP chose OpenStack technology because it offers an innovative, modular architecture that communicates using a set of simple, well-defined RESTful APIs. Its projects easily extend to support new hardware, hypervisors, protocols, and identity verification mechanisms. OpenStack technology is massively scalable with no hardware dependencies.

Taking charge of the enterprise

Moving forward together

HP is a Platinum Founding member of the OpenStack Foundation and a major contributor in code, resources, training, commercial deployments, and funding. 

For every single one of those [patches] we spin up multiple clouds and we test to make sure that those clouds are intact. Which means that the infrastructure to actually handle that is a fascinating and scalable project - we are the primary corporation behind all the staffing for that.

Monty Taylor

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