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Australia Packaging Covenant

HP Australia made a voluntary commitment andsigned National Packaging Covenant (NPC) in November 2005. TheNational Packaging Covenant is a five year voluntary commitmentaimed at reducing the environmental impacts arising from thedisposal of used packaging, conserve resources through betterdesign and production processes and facilitate the re-use andrecycling of used packaging materials. In July 2010, HP renewedanother five year commitment to the new Australian PackagingCovenant (APC) when the NPC expired.

The objective of the Covenant is to minimize theoverall environmental impacts of packaging by pursuing goalsin:

1.    Design: Optimize packaging to useresources efficiently and reduce environmental impact withoutcompromising product quality and safety

2.    Recycling: efficiently collect andrecycle packaging

3.    Product stewardship: demonstratecommitment by all signatories.

As a signatory to the Covenant, HP Australia hascommitted to fulfill its APC commitment by:

1.    Producing an 5 year action plan(2010~2015)

2.    Providing an annual report onperformance against the Covenant undertakings and action plancommitments based on:
a) Relevant key performance indicators for Design, Recycling andProduct Stewardship,
b) Baseline data and actions and as well as
c) Providing designated funding for the duration of the Covenantto support packaging related projects.

3.    Allow independent audits of annualreports and the implementation of action plans.

4.    Implement design and procurementprocesses that drive sustainable design of packaging, consistentwith the Sustainable Packaging Guidelines

5.    Implement policies or procedures tobuy products made from recycled materials.

6.    Establish collection and recyclingprograms for used packaging materials generated on-site.

7.    Take action, where appropriate, toreduce litter; and

8.    Assist the Covenant Council torespond to complaints from the public about the design and use ofpackaging materials.

HP is also committed to applying the principles ofthe Covenant to the Australia operations, working collaborativelywith other parties (e.g. packaging partners) in the packaging chainand to promoting the adoption of the principles and undertakingsset in the Covenant.


To read HP’s APCaction plan,click here

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HP Wins Australian Packaging EvolutionAward

HP’s exceptional results in packagingenvironmental design and waste management have been recognised atthe 2008 Australia Packaging Evolution Awards.

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