OSS Assurance solutions

HP Assurance solutions help CSPs meet business and customer expectations, while providing sophisticated features that improve service and network operations efficiency. These integrated solutions provide visibility to the actual customer experience and its relation to the health of the telecom, IT, and IP network and services, and automatically trigger incident and problem management processes to handle any issues.

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The HP OSS Assurance solution portfolio has been built to meet CSPs needs, and address multi-technology and multi-vendor environments. Our customers worldwide have been able to realize the following business benefits with Assurance solutions:

  • $1B return via operations center consolidation
  • Reduced time required for incident isolation by 60-70%
  • Resolve 70%+ of issues in first call

HP OSS Assurance products and solutions address the following key functional areas:

  • Service Management: Monitors the quality of service being delivered to customers. Provides visibility of the actual customer experience and its association with the performance of services and network resources
  • Problem Management: Automates the workflow for problem resolution, tracking customer, service or resource issues
  • Fault Management: Provides a consolidated real-time view across all network and service domains of collected and correlated alarms and events
  • Performance management: Collects network and service performance data, generates threshold events, and provides reports for trend analysis and capacity planning

Service Management

  • HP Customer Experience Assurance (HP CEA) provides in-depth understanding of the experience of end customers while using services, to help communications service providers improve that experience
  • HP Universal Service Level Agreement Manager (HP USLAM) provides automated, complete life-cycle SLA management of large SLAs (tens of millions)
  • HP Service Quality Manager (HP SQM) offers proactive detection of service quality degradations to fix problems before noticed by end customers

Problem Management

  • HP Service Manager automates the workflow for customer, service, or resource problem resolution. It combines telecom trouble ticketing capabilities and incident management (cf. ITIL service desk concept).

Fault and Performance Management

  • HP TeMIP is a massively scalable Manager of Managers solution that automates operational processes and consolidates multiple network and element management systems. HP TeMIP is integrated off-the-shelf with HP Network Node Manager (NNMi) and HP Operations Manager (OMi), to provide end-to-end converged telecom, IP and IT fault management capabilities.
  • HP Unified Correlation Analyzer (HP UCA) offers automated cross-domain correlation, service impact and root cause analysis, leading to dramatically reduced problem resolution times
  • HP Network Node Manager (HP NNMi) provides IP performance management, in addition to IP fault management.
  • HP partners with Mycom provide telecom Performance Management (Mycom Performance Manager)

OSS general

  • HP Unified OSS Console provides end-to-end, real-time visibility into your networks, services and applications by consolidating fault, performance, incidents, service-level agreements, and customer experience information, within a single, unified solution.
  • HP Unified Topology Manager (HP UTM) consolidates and reconciliates multiple inventory data sources and feeds multiple target management systems to ensure OSS data integrity