HPE OSS Fulfillment Solutions

Are you looking for an integrated OSS Fulfillment suite made up of best-in-class solutions? Are you suffering from high costs and lack of agility due to complexity, fragmentation and manual processing in your current OSS Fulfillment implementation? Are you challenged with speeding up time to market of new services and enhancing customer experience during subscriber onboarding?.

HPE OSS Fulfillment solutions help hundreds of communications service providers (CSPs) worldwide face these challenges to compete efficiently. All types of CSPs rely on our solutions to meet high business and customer expectations, including mobile, fixed line, and internet service providers.

Our OSS Fulfillment solutions:

  • Provide massive scalability to provision and activate services in multi-vendor and multi-technology carrier networks
  • Accelerate time to market and service delivery through automation and consolidation of order, activation, and configuration management processes, across multiple network domains
  • Enable key stakeholders in the CSP organization to focus on their domain of interest depending on business priorities thanks to single pane-of-glass visibility of end-to-end services

Furthermore, our combined OSS Fulfillment, Assurance, and Orchestration portfolio offers a unique global approach to orchestrate services end-to-end in a hybrid physical and virtualized environment. This OSS super-suite:

  • Enables service agility in a hybrid environment spanning NFV operations and existing OSS, thanks to HPE Service Director for end-to-end service operations, and HPE NFV Director for orchestration of the virtualized infrastructure
  • Addresses all standard OSS Fulfillment and Assurance functional areas with a full suite of integrated OSS solutions
  • Takes a transformational approach to realize your operational business goals
  • Offers pre-packaged and pre-configured off-the-shelf solutions to avoid lengthy and costly implementation

HPE OSS allows you to grow and anticipate new technologies with confidence – no need to re-build - just re-configure. We call this approach the “Agile Service Operations Factory” – a successful concept proven at hundreds of CSPs world-wide, driving multiple benefits such as quicker time to market, reduced risks and costs, protecting your investment for the future, and enabling you to differentiate through superior customer experience to efficiently face competition.


Transform your fulfillment processes to gain key business benefits

The HPE OSS Fulfillment solution portfolio has been built to meet CSPs needs, and covers the entire fulfillment process stack as defined by the eTOM from the TM Forum – including product catalog-based order management, activation of network and service infrastructure, maintaining service and resource inventories, and change and configuration management. The HPE OSS Fulfillment solutions offer:

  • Improved business agility, such as reduced time to market, thanks to a dynamic production environment, pre-integrated fulfillment and assurance, reducing complexity, and maximizing automation
  • Superior customer experience by empowering customers with self-service and self-care, and customer-specific services
  • Best-in-class cost structure by eliminating silos and process redundancies, leveraging existing assets to protect your investment, and focusing on lower TCO thanks to standards compliant, open, and extensible OSS solutions
  • Innovation by effectively embracing new technologies, such as enabling the NFV transformation with an OSS platform that is capable of handling the coexistence of legacy and virtualized world
  • Confidence with trusted partner demonstrated by successful HP OSS Fulfillment deployments at hundreds of CSPs worldwide, single vendor accountability, and global, end-to-end services coverage including consulting, implementation and system integration, and support in all geographies

Our worldwide CSP clients have been able to realize important business benefits with HPE Fulfillment solutions:

  • 2.5 times faster service deployment, and lowered costs of service activation by 69%, thanks to HPE Service Activator
  • >30% reduction in call handle time, and 10% improvement in overall Net Promoter Score after call center transformation and using HPE Test & Diagnostics solution
  • 10-20% reduced time-to-market for new services thanks to streamlined service provisioning with HPE Service Activator

HPE OSS Fulfillment Solution Brief


Benefit from one Fulfillment suite covering all functional areas

HPE OSS Fulfillment addresses the following key functions:

Service order management automates and streamlines the process of taking a customer order, transforming it into service orders, and interacting with the service activation system.

  • HPE Service Provisioner (HPE SP)addresses the end-to-end lifecycle of a service. Services are designed in the service catalog. Service requests coming from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) are orchestrated, provisioned and stored in the service inventory using the catalog definitions. HPSP is pre-integrated with HPE Trueview and HPE Service Activator, but its open interfaces ease integration with any 3rd party system.

HPE Service Provisioner v7.0 Data Sheet

Service activation defines, organizes, and automates the many tasks required to configure and activate a service across servers, software, and the network infrastructure.

Inventory management maintains the database of record and manages all physical, logical, and service resources, as well as their related engineering processes for your network and service operations.

  • HPE Trueview Inventory & Reconciliation (HPE TV)includes representation of the service provider’s network and related services, documentation of the network infrastructure and capabilities, and supports customer service implementation and network evolution. Unlike most other inventory management systems, HPTV implements the concept of an “active inventory” system by only considering as accurate the data coming from the network elements – the “True view” of the network.

    HPE Trueview Inventory and Reconciliation Solution

Change and configuration management allows implementation and automation of the entire change lifecycle to enable easy handling of planned and unplanned changes. It also provides service and resource configuration management, and integrations between change and configuration management systems.

OSS general

  • HPE Unified OSS Console provides a unified console – a “Service Operations Portal” – above HPE and 3rd party Fulfillment and Assurance applications to offer end-to-end visibility of services, enabling transforming from network- to customer-centric Operations. The solution includes multiple dashboards designed for different stakeholders in your organization, such as Network and Service Operations, Network Engineering, Marketing and Product Management, and Customer Care. A large set of off-the-shelf integrations with HPE and 3rd party OSS applications are available, including Service, Fault, Performance and Problem Management.
    HPE Unified OSS Console Brochure
  • HPE Test & Diagnostics solution has been built to help customer care personnel enable an excellent customer experience for customers calling customer care to report and request help with issues. HPE Test & Diagnostics includes prepackaged validation scenarios and an intuitive web-based interface to create a powerful and practical solution for user-guided problem resolution.
    HPE Test and Diagnostics software 7.0