Shore up the weak spots

Individuals with chronic conditions see multiple care providers who issue numerous prescriptions with intricate instructions. What happens when someone doesn’t know all of their medications or if a dosage is too high or low? The results could be catastrophic.

Does your organization pay for duplicate tests and labs, simply because care providers aren’t given access to all information? Expensive procedures can be frustrating for your members who may be forced to undergo multiple tests because prior results aren’t available to all stakeholders.

The HP Care Network Solution securely connects care providers and other stakeholders with each other and with the clinical data they need. It is a flexible, standards-based set of services for Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and Electronic Health Records (EHRs). The service gathers and harmonizes relevant information about patient health, treatment, medications and demographics from many wide-ranging data sources to promote collaborative care.

Increase collaboration and communication

Improve your member experience and achieve current cost savings by reducing duplication, fraud and waste. With more accurate information, you deliver better care for your members through evidence-based decisions and higher adherence to treatment guidelines across specific patient populations. By providing the tools for confidential collaboration among care providers, you can avoid ’gut feel’ or anecdotal therapies.

When you equip direct care and support staff with more efficient tools, you save administrative time and expenses. You gain workflow efficiencies because of fewer chart pulls, phone calls and less paper processing and waiting.


Health Information Exchange

This service contains the core capabilities of our Care Network Solution. We assist you to securely identify, access and exchange patient records, connect to the right source, and semantically normalize the data to prevent inaccuracies.

The service links smart care providers together to view recent lab results ordered by other professionals to prevent costly redundancies. Care providers can view immunizations, prior-authorization status, pre-screen for potential drug interactions while applying the right treatment protocols to improve patient outcomes.


Marketing Enablement

This service engages the care team and consumers to connect to the ‘clinical’ highway. We provide outreach, education, registration and training programs for medical professionals so they understand the procedures involved with upgrading their practice within a secure collaborative care network. We define the project, enhance the workflow and implement the process.


Electronic Health Records

This service brings information directly to the care provider’s laptop while they are in the room with a patient. Care providers can review the patient’s care plan, receive alerts and reminders, check lab results, prescriptions and view other clinical data. The service helps prevent the human-error that comes with relying on a patient’s recollection of their medications and health conditions.