Seeking efficiencies and better, more effective outcomes

How do you reduce costs while improving healthcare access and quality for your members? By integrating programs fragmented among various systems into a cohesive healthcare management and information exchange.

To be successful, you need:

  • Seamless program integration
  • System-wide collaboration for application performance
  • Healthcare experts to intelligently connect all the pieces

Our Government Healthcare BPO portfolio delivers best practice management of: claims, eligibility/enrollment, HIPAA compliance, managed care and oversight, early/periodic screening, EHR/HIE, drug benefits/reviews, immunizations, fraud/abuse, ePrescribing, healthcare portals and other related functions.

See how to leverage Government Healthcare BPO to build a system that improves agency efficiencies as well as member healthcare outcomes.

Building your solution

How do you build a certified, scalable system that fits your situation? By partnering with HP. Our configurable components deliver standards driven solutions for your agency environment:

  • interChange: An MMIS that streamlines: claims, managed care oversight, eligibility and enrollment, HIPAA compliance, early and periodic screening and EHR/HIE.
  • Drug Utilization DUR+: Evaluates and compares clinical data with drug and medical claims. It eliminates waits for prior authorizations.
  • Immunization Registry: Automates recording, tracking inventory, duplicate checking and reports.
  • ePrescribing: Interacts with your MMIS for real time, member specific data for reviews and dosing adjustments.

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