Reduce cost and scale to meet agile business demands

Airline Services Oriented Architecture (SOA) Platform offers a library of airline-specific Web services and reusable, industry-specific building blocks, including airline-specific data processes and messaging protocols. Using these tools, airlines can reduce costs and resource needs by an average of 30% over traditional platforms, accelerating speed to market through rapid deployment of new applications.

Read the whitepaper to learn more about our Airline SOA platform.

Delivered as a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), HP Airline SOA addresses airlines’ needs for cost reduction, business scale, and agility. It does this by providing airlines with HP’s modern application development platform optimized for airlines.

A number of key tenets have been applied in order to provide a solution capable of supporting a wide variety of airline needs in the areas of functionality, scalability and reliability:

  • Cost effective development and deployment with a service orientation and competitive cost structure
  • Rapid development and deployment with faster time-to-market, customization, and “write once, build and deploy anywhere” capabilities
  • Integrated approach across multiple systems to maximize productivity

We’re committed to hybrid delivery by supporting SOA through traditional, hosted in-premise or off-premise infrastructure. But we also now deliver SOA via a PaaS model so clients gain all the benefits of Converged Cloud Service for Airlines. PaaS enables airlines to access a state-of-the-art SOA environment at significantly lower capital expense and operating cost than in an environment they would manage on their own.


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