The eAPIs are an extension of IMC’s open and extensible platform and can be used to share this SOA platform with an organization’s homegrown and in-house applications. By integrating with IMC, developers can ensure their applications will work with all the aggregated network data collected by IMC.

Developers can write their programs only once to interface with IMC, instead of many times to integrate with the operating system of each third-party device on their network. IMC is built upon an open and extensible architectural platform that leverages REST-style web services as one of the three web services in IMC.

These REST-style web services enable 3rd party developers to create applications which interface and leverage IMC services. IMC Extended APIs includes over 200 APIs that provide access to core platform services.

The Extended APIs are included with the Enterprise Platform and are an optional license upgrade for the Standard Platform.



Comprehensive Coverage: eAPIs available for most IMC modules. The majority of IMC web operations have associated APIs.

Easy to use: Data is xml format and are transmitted through HTTP(s) protocol. Supports following programming languages: C/C++, Java, .Net, Perl, Ruby, Python, PHPJavascript(AJAX).

Better performance: Includes data caching mechanism for improved performance.

Drivers formats: Interfaces support xml (for applications) and JSON (Javascript/AJAX). Part of the interfaces support Excel, PDF, VISIO, etc.

Security: Uses standard HTTP digest authentication. HTTPS protocol will ensure the security of data communications.

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