HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) software is a modular comprehensive resource management platform. With its extensive device support, IMC software provides true end-to-end management for the entire network, as well as the entire operation cycle.

HP IMC Virtual Application Networking (VAN) Software Defined Network (SDN) Manager Software is an IMC module providing comprehensive management including fault, configuration, accounting, monitoring and security for SDN environments. VAN SDN Manager Software integrates with the IMC platform, so administrators gain a single interface to manage both traditional and software-defined networks.

VAN SDN Manager Software monitors and manages all three layers of the SDN architecture: infrastructure, control and application layers. You will be able to visualize your software defined-network, including location of the switches- both physically and logically- relative to the control point of the network.

The traffic flow across the SDN domain is monitored and represented visually in VAN SDN Manager Software, enabling fast troubleshooting. IMC Software provides lifecycle management and monitoring of the HP VAN SDN Controller and provides details of network service status and OpenFlow related information.        



OpenFlow network management: - Manage OpenFlow resources , flow policies, traffic monitoring, reporting, troubleshooting, and application management.. - Visualize network traffic flows, service quality and SDN application status. . - Single click to detailed service management interface from dashboard.. - Inventory and monitor network resources. Information reliant on IMC platform information and other module information..
OpenFlow controller management: - Supports single, teamed and redundant controllers.. - Displays information such as network service status, OpenFlow device types, host numbers, flow entry numbers, and VLAN. .
OpenFlow device management: - Displays all the flow entries, counters, DPIDs, and other OpenFlow statistics per device. . - Locate an OpenFlow device within the network topology..
Service flow management: - Enables end-to-end flow deployment from the physical topology.
OpenFlow topology: - Displays device links, utilization, and nodes accessing the network.. - Visualize service over physical and logical links allowing for real-time monitoring of flow status.. - Filter view by controller, application, or flow..
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