Managing the unique and growing changes in both web serving and business over the past decade has created an ongoing IT infrastructure challenge. Scaling traditional rack mount infrastructure has resulted in complex management overhead, power and space constraints.

One option is moving to public cloud services for your web serving needs, but that can often result in unexpected costs, loss of IT control, and performance degradation for your end users. HP Moonshot with the ProLiant m300 server cartridge delivers a complete, multi-tier web infrastructure in a box that allows you to layer your application stack, including load-balancing, web serving, and databases across dedicated groups of servers within a chassis.

The result is a very dense form factor designed to scale easily when business needs require it.


Built for web, designed for scale

Enables massive scalability and reliability for web workloads, supporting up to 115,000 concurrent client sessions in a single, fully loaded chassis. 1

One solution to buy, support and manage - 3 web tiers layered across multiple cartridges in a single Moonshot chassis.

Stay in control of your web infrastructure to ensure a better experience, every time—the flexibility of the Cloud with the precise control of dedicated hardware.

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