Evolve and upgrade to the latest HP Integrity server technology

Invest in the long-term future of your business. When you upgrade your existing HP server environment - legacy Integrity, HP 9000 or AlphaServer - to the latest HP Integrity server family of products and solutions, your business will benefit from the investment protection and stability of HP Mission Critical Compute utilizing HP Integrity Servers.

Take advantage of the power and efficiencies of platform convergence for your most demanding workloads.

  • Simplify your data center on a common IT platform
  • Keep business up and running in today's chaotic world
  • Enjoy efficient, optimized resources
  • Be ready for the future

Take a look at HP Integrity Servers


Why you should upgrade to today's HP Integrity server technology

There has never been a better time to upgrade your systems. Consider the benefits that the latest HP Integrity solutions offer:

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO)
Applications you need
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Upgrading systems to the latest HP Integrity servers running HP-UX will yield substantial benefits to your business. The new economics of mission-critical computing means lower TCO, lower downtime costs, and lower cost of acquisition:

  • Get 2x productivity and payback in less than a year1
  • Provision application infrastructure in 108 minutes rather than days or months2
  • Improve your infrastructure's recovery time by up to 80 percent 3

Easily upgrade to HP Integrity

Ongoing advancements in HP Integrity/HP-UX solutions serve as the design center for Project Odyssey, which will deliver a UNIX-like experience for mission-critical Linux and Windows environments in the future for customers considering such a solution. Investing in HP Integrity servers and HP-UX positions your business to create or expand a mission-critical Converged Infrastructure that addresses your server evolution needs with a suite of product choices and investment protection.

You can move your databases and applications to today's HP Integrity servers easily and cost-effectively. We will help you achieve a smooth transition by leveraging proven expertise and integration experience during all the phases of the system upgrade process:

We have the tools to help you plan and execute one or more of these transition strategies:

  • Transfer existing applications from legacy systems to HP Integrity servers without re-architecting the solution stack. This will be a common approach for Oracle database and SAP landscapes, for instance.
  • Consolidate multiple application instances onto fewer servers to reduce TCO, taking advantage of virtualization, and leverage powerful processors to reduce processor count.
  • Re-architect the solution environment and install it on the new server platform.

You can efficiently fund your technology shift with a customized investment strategy from HP Financial Services to gain the financial flexibility for your system upgrade.

Customer evolution guide: Getting from here to there
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1. Average results of customers surveyed by IDC who implemented HP Insight Control for server lifecycle management.

2. Time elapse begins with logging into HP BladeSystem Matrix self-service portal and ends in up-and-running status with configured 2-tiered application. Includes initiation (5 min), approval (5 min), infrastructure provisioning (38 min), and installation (60 min).

3. Manually recovering the server information, reconnecting the storage, and bringing up the environment would take approximately one hour. HP compared this to the 5-7 minutes to accomplish the same objective per server using the automated process facilitated by HP Insight Recovery. This is a performance improvement of 80%.

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