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For your business and back office workloads, with a balance of efficiency and power.

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HP ProLiant rack and tower servers provide the right Compute for the right workload. Small business, remote office, or departmental use? Check. Expansion and large-scale applications and databases? Covered. It’s about flexibility for a wide range of applications.

The HP ProLiant portfolio:

  • Economical entry-level microservers for collaboration and file sharing with low TCO
  • Expandable tower servers for remote or branch offices and for growing businesses
  • Versatile rack-optimized servers for space-constrained environments providing superior performance for virtualization and a wide range of applications
  • Scale-up servers for the most demanding workloads in your data center or across your enterprise

Performance meets efficiency

Learn about the architecture and purpose-built design across our HP ProLiant Gen9 servers.

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What's new

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Optimize for performance

Aberdeen Group provides strategies and recommendations to improve your ability to meet growing workload demands.

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From IDG: Rethinking IT

See research results on the challenges and opportunities for IT in driving innovation and transformation.


What is HP ProLiant Gen9?

The new HP ProLiant Gen9 server family is designed for end-to-end IT service delivery. Building on 25 years of industry leadership, we added innovation top to bottom for a line of servers that are converged, software-defined, cloud-ready, and workload-optimized.

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Watch how HP ProLiant Gen9 transforms Compute and addresses today's IT barriers to successful business outcomes.

Let's Think Compute

HP ProLiant Gen9 servers take the lead on industry benchmarks

See how with these record winners:

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HP Technology Services for rack and tower servers

Let HP experts guide you. We provide advice and insight to help transform, integrate and operate your IT infrastructure to meet business requirements.

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ProLiant products & services

Read the ProLiant rack and tower family guide to find the right servers to meet your needs
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Explore the HP ProLiant server portfolio for any of your workload needs.

HP BladeSystemHP BladeSystem

Modular, integrated, automated environment that lets you manage a pool of infrastructure resources as easily as one machine.

HP ProLiant Rack ServersHP ProLiant Rack Servers

Versatile, rack-optimized servers with a balance of efficiency, performance and management.

HP ProLiant Tower ServersHP ProLiant Tower Servers

Expandable tower servers ideal for remote and branch offices and growing businesses.

HP ProLiant MicroServerHP ProLiant MicroServer

Ideal entry-level server with essential features for small business and departmental use.

HP ProLiant Scale-up x86 ServersHP ProLiant Scale-up x86 Servers

Unparalleled performance and expansion for the most demanding workloads.

HP ProLiant Scalable SystemsHP ProLiant Scalable Systems

Purpose-built for scale for service providers, high performance computing, big data, and more, delivering rapid deployment, greater agility and lower operational cost.

HP Moonshot SystemHP Moonshot System

A complete server system engineered for the workload and delivered in a highly dense, energy-efficient package.

HP Rack and Power InfrastructureHP Rack and Power Infrastructure

Highly efficient and intelligent solutions for existing or new IT data centers that help control operational expenses and ensure IT flexibility.

HP Qualified OptionsHP Qualified Options

Strengthen the foundation of your data center with products that are easy to maintain and can be tailored for your infrastructure.

HP Object StorageHP Object Storage

Object Storage focuses on data objects instead of file systems or disk blocks to store, organize and retrieve data from a flat addressable space. HP collaborates with industry-standard Object Storage software providers to develop, optimize, and integrate their solutions on HP ProLiant servers.

Server ManagementServer Management

Take command of your infrastructure across the lifecycle starting with embedded on-system capabilities, through scalable on-premise management to cloud-based, anytime/anywhere access to monitoring and tracking.

Operating systems & virtualizationOperating systems & virtualization

Precise engineering, a broad product portfolio and high caliber tools and services for leading operating systems and virtualization technologies.

HP ProLiant servicesHP ProLiant services

Gain the benefits of our knowledge, expertise and innovation from world-class services that help you achieve better results.


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Bigstep unleashes performance

Bigstep offers a high-performance, bare metal cloud solution purpose built for big data applications. HP ProLiant Gen9 servers provide the performance, scalability, and efficiency required.

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Bally Technologies
goes all-in

Bally discovers its next-generation gaming platform with HP ProLiant Gen9 servers, seeking more CPU density, more memory density, and better performance in a smaller space.

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BCDVideo on the HP partnership

IP video surveillance firm BCDVideo leverages HP OEM relationship, taking advantage of a diverse HP portfolio to support global manufacturing of purpose-built IP recording servers.

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BCAA switches from Sun to HP servers

British Columbia Assessment Authority reduces costs by 80% while doubling batch-processing speed for millions of property assessment records.

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Global Relay’s data center of the future — today

Collaborating with HP, Global Relay builds a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly facility that delivers lightning-fast processing.

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HPC Accelerates SMBs

The National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) and George Mason University work with HP to put high-performance computing into the hands of small and midsize manufacturers.

Read the case study  PDF 800 KB

conres | 100x55

Continental Resources (ConRes)

HP Specialist Partner and hybrid IT solutions VAR ConRes replaced their antiquated financial reporting package with the HP SME Solution for SAP HANA based on the HP ProLiant ML350p.

Read the case study  PDF 564 KB

See what our customers say

Don’t take our word for it, hear how customers have used HP server technologies to meet the growing demand of doing more with less.

“ As a provider of IT solutions and services to small and medium businesses in Northern Ireland, we deploy a lot of private clouds and server farms that rarely go beyond 3-5 servers per site, so the ability to do more with less is critical to our ability to deliver a competitive advantage to our customers.

We were blown away by the performance we have seen on the new HP ProLiant Gen9 Servers while running hyper-v and the increased focus on modularity of these next generation servers is great. From the raid controller to the LOM, everything is more configurable and that is the way it should be. HP ProLiant Gen9 servers enable us to deliver a competitive advantage to not only our customers but to ourselves as well. ”

Nigel Mulholland, Managing Director

Nitec Solutions Ltd

“ One of our biggest server challenges is getting our systems up and running in the least amount of time. As a global provider of business and entertainment gaming-solutions, we need make sure our systems are set up for our customers as fast as possible. lntemally, we have very tight testing schedules on a wide variety of platforms and time is money so any reduction in steps and time for provisioning directly effects the bottom line.

Were excited about the software advantages of these new HP ProLiant Gen9 servers with UEFI and Intelligent Provisioning. We were able to configure our servers using UEFI in less steps than legacy BIOS and we were able to upgrade firmware automatically before installing the OS with Intelligent Provisioning. As a result, we effectively reduced server deployment time by 30%. In our line of work we deploy hundreds of servers a year, HP is saving us valuable time and resources that can go towards innovation. ”

Mike Owens, Manager, IT Lab Services

Bally Technologies

“ As a rapidly growing online gaming company, we have had to quickly scale our infrastructure to meet our increasing need for Compute. Our previous infrastructure was difficult to manage and was lacking in both the performance and the capacity we require to keep pace with our games and applications. Because of this, our biggest IT challenge is minimizing the time and resources currently focused on supporting our infrastructure that could be otherwise used to drive business results. HP ProLiant Gen9 enables us to do just that.

Unlike our previous Compute, with HP our investment is protected, we have doubled the number of VMs on each server and seen up to 2x increases to performance with HP Smart Array controllers and HP StoreVirtual VSA. Additionally, with remote management tools like HP Insight Online, we have reduced our time spent supporting our infrastructure and minimized our unplanned downtime by 80%. Being able to see the status of our systems from anywhere gives us the peace of mind to focus our resources on driving business by creating our next big game. ”

Hoang Minh Chinh, CTO