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Transparency to deliver business outcomes

HP Enterprise Maps provides Enterprise Architecture (EA) foundations and principles to address IT transformation challenges by introducing visibility, operational governance and connectivity across all IT functions. Enterprise Maps provides transparency of the IT landscape, enables enterprise portfolio management and identifies waste and redundancies while assuring alignment to business strategies.
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Key features

  • Aligns business objectives and IT initiatives
  • Utilizes proven Enterpise Architecture principles like ArchiMate® and TOGAF®
  • Out of the box integration with HP Software
  • Provides real-time visibility of IT landscape
  • Identifies IT waste and redundant spending

Solve IT Transformation Challenges

Today’s IT organizations are under constant pressure from the lines of business to decrease time to deliver services, systematically reduce the cost of IT, and increase the overall project quality.
The reality is that most business requirements are never fully implemented or are delayed due to gaps between expectations and the results. These problems lead to lower quality, reduced market share and lost revenue. Even when the requirements are delivered, project costs typically exceed budget.
A critical prerequisite for making good informed decisions is precise information about IT systems, their relationships to processes, business capabilities and company goals.


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