The transformation imperative

Economic pressures have forced many businesses to put off investing in refreshing their network infrastructure. At some point, transforming your network is not optional, it's imperative. Systems start to break down; your network isn't able to support some of the latest technologies, or it becomes terribly expensive to keep up and running.

Whatever the impetus, network transformation presents new opportunities to improve efficiencies, lower cost of operations and tap into new technology that could benefit your business.

Up, running and open for business

You can’t afford to shut down operations while you’re building your new network infrastructure. That’s why businesses turn to HP Network Transformation Services. Our transition methodology keeps your business up and running throughout the transformation process and for years to come. From the time we begin working on your transformation, we assume responsibility for your network.

We manage some of the largest network transformations in the world.

When a large U.S. Financial Services client decided to upgrade its network to enhance communications, they couldn’t just close the bank. HP Network Transformation Services made sure the bank didn’t miss a beat and we continue to work with them today. That is just one of the 1,000 transformations we manage for them each month. And once the initial transformation is complete, customers often turn to HP to manage their systems going forward.