Support your customers through the entire customer life cycle

All customers are not created equal. Some represent a reliable source of profitable revenue; others do not. You must strike a delicate balance, in your contact centers—reduce the cost of attracting, retaining and rewarding your best customers while also improving the customer experience to create loyal and satisfied advocates.

HP Enterprise Customer Services provides efficient, effective services that enable you to recruit, retain and reward your best customers anywhere in the world. We transform your customer contact center into a revenue-generating, multichannel customer retention center. We process and fulfill orders in direct-to-consumer operations. We replicate and distribute software worldwide. We automate your warranty claims processing.

You must address the unique needs and preferences of all customers throughout the customer life cycle—marketing, sales, order processing, shipping and logistics, and customer service. HP Enterprise Customer Services provide a proven approach to catch—and surpass—the competition.

Leverage our experience and infrastructure

HP Enterprise Customer Services provides a broad suite of end-to-end, industry-specific, multi-channel solutions. They tightly integrate our core offerings with differentiating IP, vertical domain expertise and international quality standards and best practices to support your critical front-office business outcomes—all from a single provider.

Consumer Direct Services

Provides an end-to-end consumer direct solution that facilitates the flow of information from order to delivery, captures customer intelligence, handles sales and service inquiries, and warehouse and distribute products for direct-to-consumer companies around the globe.

Customer Engagement as a Service

A comprehensive suite of contact center services delivered via the cloud to help organizations migrate to a lower cost, consistent, and stable contact center environment.

Customer Engagement Management Services - Contact Center

Provides the management and operation of contact centers whose agents handle inbound and outbound high value, complex interactions with customers. Services are delivered through our network of global on-shore, near-shore and offshore contact centers.

Customer Engagement Management Services-Social

Using big data analytics and our customer engagement services, we can help you acquire, service, retain and develop customers. We track and analyze conversations about your brand, products and services on social media networks and respond on your behalf in a timely, effective manner.

Transformation Services - CEM
Customer Engagement Management Services - Transformation

Transform customer engagement experiences and increase revenue by improving customer satisfaction, reducing customer service costs and optimizing operating efficiencies and effectiveness.

Warranty Services

Automates your warranty processing using a comprehensive, web-based application for reliable, real-time warranty claims management. Services include claim processing, extended warranty management, parts order and tracking, service effectiveness reporting, swap stock management, and RMA creation and tracking.