For best-in-class card and payment processing

In the new economic landscape, clients are wondering how to comply with PCI rules without recurring costs. Is it possible to grow without large capital expenditure? Furthermore, can a firm acquire and retain new customers without incurring both?

HP Card and Payment services help our clients optimize their credit, debit, check, and prepaid card payment processes. You can use our capital investments in infrastructure and skilled personnel to solve large-volume transaction-driven card issuance, acquisition, compliance, processing and servicing needs, all within in a PCI-secure environment. Our flexible architecture will yield new and tailored products for your market. Optimize your operations and transform costs from fixed to variable with our per-use payment structure.

Services include

Business Exchange Services

Help your enterprise integrate with vendors, customers, and other external partners.

Check Processing Services

Full-service digital check processing for check-issuing financial.

Commercial Card Services

Provide your clients with authorization controls that restrict where, what, and how much can be purchased.

Consumer Card Services

Offer an always-on, end-to-end solution to your card transaction needs.

Convenience Pay Services

Provide additional payment options for your end-customers so you can accelerate your cash flow.

Merchant Acquirer Services

A transaction processing system that helps acquirer banks supply card.

PrePaid Card Services

Provide clients with a secure, cost-effective payment card delivery solution for prefunded cards.

Surveyor Application Processing Service

An application processing system delivering fast and reliable credit reporting.

Secure Payments
Secure Payment Services

Reduce costs while increasing security and customer trust.