Manage legacy systems while capitalizing on the cloud

Our 10 years of experience shows that organizations can improve return on investment by increasing storage utilization—by up to 50%, optimizing delivery management, and retiring old infrastructures. With our consulting and management solutions, you’ll gain insights and capabilities to save 20% to 30% on average.

Gain a complete set of management capabilities

Align your data placement based on your application profile, performance requirements, and information access with our range of tiered storage offerings. Our services also provide rapid response to sudden changes in your storage demands, enabling your business to address escalating data growth in a safe and secure manner. Our capabilities include:

  • A choice of storage technologies supporting block, file, and object data, with availability from 99.9% to 99.999%, and performance (8000 to 100,000+ input output per second (IOPs) options aligned to your application workloads
  • Data protection options providing backup and restore to and from disk, virtual disk, and tape for your data center, remote office locations, and personal devices
  • Operational support across major storage vendors to better manage your heterogeneous environment
  • Business continuity services that protect your data in the event of a catastrophic loss

Get choice and flexibility

To maximize your return on investment and reduce the need for capital, we provide Storage as a Service. It can be delivered from one of our next generation data centers, at your location, or from our cloud. This gives you flexibility and synchronizes spend with business demand.

  • Operational expense —The cost of excess storage capacity and one-time cost of hardware refreshes are eliminated and replaced with a predictable monthly expense.
  • Pay for what is consumed—You can easily dial capacity up and down; just pay by the gigabyte.
  • Your place or mine—You can choose to put your infrastructure in an HP data center, keep it on your premises, or get your storage from the cloud.

Safeguard and control your data

With increasing choices of how to procure storage, you are faced with a new set of risks in terms of: Where is the data located? Who is procuring the storage? And, how secure it is? Consider the following when placing your company’s assets outside of your four walls; it’s not a decision to take lightly.

  • Safeguards—HP provides auditable security certifications—HIPAA, PCI,SOC2, FedRAMP, FIPS, and CJIS—supporting regulatory compliance and data sovereignty.
  • Controls—Simplify and track storage capacity requests with a service-based catalog.
  • Standards—Improve the consistency of your global storage environment with our ITIL best practices and management tools.

Work with a leader

HP Storage Management Services enable you to align your application workload with the right storage solution—block, file, object, and backup services across a hybrid delivery model. Our Advisory Services ensure you get control of your data and leverage capacity as a service when you need it.

  • Consistently yield up to 40% cost reduction opportunities.
  • HP is committed to OpenStack with HP Cloud OS native to storage products.
  • Data security is addressed by service and technology certifications.
  • HP is a recognized leader in traditional infrastructure outsourcing, private cloud, and virtual private cloud.
  • Protect your data with a choice of backup services aligned to a comprehensive continuity plan.
  • Manage products and software from leading storage vendors, supporting your technology choices.

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