Effectively reach your customers

Your customers look at their bills or statements 95 percent of the time; but they only look at advertising-only documents about three percent of the time. Take advantage of this attention and use statement and bill "white space" to inform them of additional services and products. Reinforce your brand and increase your marketing success rate; get materials into the hands of customers with the highest potential for purchase.

Achieve the targeted results you are looking for with HP Customer Communications Management services. As you struggle with decreasing marketing dollars, spend them efficiently by offering your current customers personalized communications. Customer satisfaction and retention increase when customers receive personalized communications.


Expand your current market

HP Customer Communications Management (CCM) services help you reinforce your brand and increase revenue with personalized customer communications. We provide multi-channel distribution to deliver appropriate messages and information to your customers, including standard mail, e-mail and text messages. Grab your customer's attention by sending them personalized information on their monthly statements and bills. Increase product awareness with targeted e-mails or mobile messages.



Unravel the complexity of your customer communications