Sustain a Healthy Set of Applications

Porfolio Management Services for Applications Management

Across sectors and industries, the success of many organizations depends on their ability to sustain a healthy set of applications. Unfortunately, IT still struggles with severe applications-related limitations. Poor visibility often prevents CIOs from seeing and understanding the TCO and value of their applications. As a result, many IT units spend from 65% to 80% of their budgets simply keeping the lights on—at a time when the organization expects improved performance and measurable results.

Systematically Balance the Mix

HP Portfolio Management Services offers a systematic approach that balances the maintenance-to-innovation ratio to create and sustain a healthier set of applications. We do this by applying two techniques at both the application and portfolio levels.

Dynamic service delivery: Incorporates a scalable delivery model, enabling services to be assigned by applications, based on business need. It includes the flexibility to change the service level as business conditions evolve. It also provides application-specific cost transparency, so IT and the business can have clarity, as well as control, of expenses and investments.

Data-driven portfolio management: Implements an ongoing process for collecting data, analyzing metrics, and identifying improvement opportunities. This enables scoring and classifying each application and closely monitoring the data to spot developing trends and perform root cause analysis.


Gain a New Level of Visibility

A consolidated view of strategic and tactical considerations empowers CIOs to know and understand their applications' potential. Through systematically balancing the mix, IT gains the insight, flexibility, and agility needed for ongoing optimization and continuous improvement of the portfolio. This new level of visibility into the applications portfolio ultimately enables better control of investments for the greatest impact.