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OpenStack is always growing and evolving. So we've brought together some of the leading thinkers in the open source community to share their insights with you.

Listen to these Project Team Leads describe fascinating details about the OpenStack projects that they run and garner some deeper insight into their passion as they share their stories. You'll hear how they got started, things they have built and even an occasional tale of breaking things along the way.

This video series is dedicated to you, and everyone else, in the open source community. As you watch these videos we hope you share them with your peers and continue the conversation. Only by sharing insights and information can open source keep evolving and innovating. And be sure to check back for more videos.

Designate provides DNS services for OpenStack. PTL Kiall Mac Innes explains how it eliminates a lot of the work and tooling that customers used to have to do manually.

HP Helion QA is one of the community’s leaders in QA, and ensuring that every application is running at its best throughout the system. See how we do it, from PTL Matthew Treinish.

Oslo is the common libraries program within OpenStack. PTL Doug Hellman shows how the foundation components within Oslo are used to construct other applications so developers can move between them using common patterns and codes.

Every project needs developer infrastructure. PTL James Blair and his team create and manage the tools that devs need to complete their projects, using the same tools that the creators use.

Also known as the “Keystone Project,” this is the aggregation point of identity storage, whether it’s managed through OpenStack or any other directory. PTL Morgan Fainberg explains how this can help you authenticate users and even audit your cloud.

Neutron was created to provide API for virtual networks. Hear from PTL Kyle Mestery how it provides virtual ports, subnets, routers, and more as a consumable API on OpenStack.

Ironic provides an abstraction layer provisioning physical machines through a consistent, single API. PTL Devananda van der Veen explains how Ironic does this, regardless of vendor.

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