Software-Defined Storage before it was cool

For more than six years, HP has been shipping Software-Defined Storage. We are a proven leader with HP StoreVirtual VSA and HP StoreOnce VSA. VSAs let you cut costs by running storage services on virtualized servers while still running business applications on the same machine.

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Shared storage deployed as software

Software-Defined Storage converges applications and storage on the same server to lower cost and improve compute and capacity utilization rates.

With 6 years of proven Software-Defined Storage leadership, HP’s portfolio includes StoreVirtual VSA and StoreOnce VSA with advanced features not available on less mature offerings. HP is expanding the software-defined universe and will have distributed more than 1 million VSAs by the end of 2014.

Software-Defined Storage Technologies

Learn more about our innovative storage technologies for the Software-Defined Data Center.

Storage for the Software-Defined Data Center


*HP comparison of traditional dual-controller disk array and 2 node server cluster vs. 2 node server cluster with VSA storage.