Focus on your business, not your file storage

HP StoreEasy brings you optimized, efficient, secure and highly available storage that simply addresses file and application storage challenges, no matter the size of your business. Straightforward features and new enhancements mean simpler installation and simpler monitoring of utilization and health status.

What’s new?

Fully refreshed HP StoreEasy product lineup. Plus, new dashboard to monitor capacity utilization, performance and health information, and new wizard to streamline HP networking configuration.

HP StoreEasy data sheet

What are you looking for?

Simple file storage
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Looking for a storage appliance to vastly simplify the deployment and management normally associated with file and application storage? You just found it.

Our solution:

HP StoreEasy 1000 Storage

Industry-standard components with heterogeneous file protocols supporting diverse storage workloads.

A cluster-capable file gateway for use with SANs of any size
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Do you need a way to provide file services from your SAN? Meet the new breed of optimized, efficient, secure and highly available file storage gateways.

Our solution:

HP StoreEasy 3000 Gateway Storage

Cluster configs save time, money, support thousands of users accessing SAN-based file storage.

Simply StoreIT: storage solutions for small and midsize business
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Whether your company is in start-up mode or evolving an established IT infrastructure, get storage solutions to support every stage of your growing business.

Our solution:

HP Simply StoreIT

Storage solutions that are easy to manage, affordable to own and reliable to operate.

Including solutions for:

File Sharing

Why choose HP StoreEasy Storage?

  • Optimized—tailored for file storage with pre-configured hardware and OS, installation wizards, best practices-driven provisioning tool

  • Efficient—save money and time as you file sync and share from anywhere, plus non-intrusive sub-file deduplication

  • Secure—keep data protected always with built-in encryption, sophisticated access controls, and onboard antivirus and backup software 

  • Highly available—prevent business and user disruption with continuous health monitoring, online self-healing and maintenance

Companion Products


Key StoreEasy Solutions

Online File Sharing with Citrix

Regain control over your employee data sharing. Combine HP StoreEasy and Citrix ShareFile with StorageZones for an enterprise-class, IT-managed, data sync and sharing service where user data can be securely stored on-premise or in the cloud.

Solution Brief: Unleash your workforce, not your data (PDF, 1.75 MB)

Archiving with iTernity

Protect your data with iTernity Compliant Archive Software (iCAS). Sitting between over 60 different ISV archive applications and HP StoreEasy, iCAS prevents your data from being manipulated or deleted and provides for greater security and capacity savings with the option to encrypt and compress data.

HP StoreEasy Storage and iTernity iCAS Software (PDF, 414 KB)