Detect, prevent and log application security threats

Protect your company from security related application threats with HP Fortify Runtime. Application related threats and attacks are more prominent than ever. Fortify Runtime monitors, logs and protects your applications from security related threats. With application monitoring and protection capabilities, Fortify Runtime can identify and stop threats like cross-site scripting attacks. Additionally, Fortify Runtime provides application logging to identify and monitor application event activity that can lead to data and IP related threats. HP Fortify Runtime is integrated with HP Fortify Software Security Center for management, HP WebInspect for deeper vulnerability validation and runtime application security protection (referred to as RASP by Gartner) and HP ArcSight ESM/Express via Application View for security event intelligence and correlation.

Key features

  • Out-of-the-box security application monitoring, logging and protection
  • Better protection against cyber-attacks and fraud in deployed applications
  • Streamlined regulatory compliance and application-level security audit controls
  • Enterprise-wide threat visibility and centralized management of security threats
  • Risk prioritization via real-time correlation across networks, systems and applications

Fortify takes both Gold and Bronze in Information Security reader’s choice awards—November 2012

For the seventh consecutive year, Information Security readers voted to determine the best security products. More than 2,000 voters participated this year, rating products in 14 different categories. Fortify has taken two top honors in the "Best of Application Security" category with Fortify Real-Time Analyzer (now Fortify Runtime) taking gold and Fortify Static Code Analyzer taking bronze.

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