Security-aware practices for combating risk

HP Software Security Assurance (SSA) can help you reduce security risk and development cost and comply with application security requirements. Our SSA security best practices guide you in finding and removing exploitable vulnerabilities in applications and source code-or preventing their introduction in the first place-making your applications immune to attack even if intruders get past your perimeter defenses. This in turn protects your business from financial loss, business disruption, brand damage, and regulatory compliance violations.

Key features

  • Identify and reduce risk from vulnerabilities in deployed software
  • Prevent insecure code in outsourced, in-house, third-party, or open-source software with secure coding
  • Comply with SDLC, government, industry or internal regulations
  • Instill security-aware practices in software development and procurement
  • Deliver measurable business value to your company

Reduce and eliminate risk

Software Security Assurance (SSA) is a security discipline recognized by leading IT organizations as best practices for ensuring proactive application security. Its goal is to help you reduce or eliminate security risk in software by removing exploitable vulnerabilities from source code and preventing their introduction. By securing software at the code level, it is more immune to attacks that get past perimeter defenses.

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HP Fortify Interview Application Security Assurance

HP Fortify Interview Application Security Assurance

Discover what makes HP Fortify a unique government solution for application security.


Discover what makes HP Fortify a unique government solution for application security.

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