See your network the way users do

Network Application Services are network monitoring and consulting services to identify and correct the cause of slow application response seen by users. Users invariably report, "The network is slow." In fact, the problem could be with the network, or it could lie in the application server, a database server or even in the application code itself.

With Network Application Services, we deploy monitors into your network at critical points. We collect and analyze data to identify the cause of slow response. If the problem is in the network, we recommend changes to improve response time. If the problem is not the network, we show you where it is—right down to the server or the offending application code.

While solving performance problems is good, preventing them is better. Network Application Services can also use modeling to predict the effects of planned network changes or application additions. The result—better service for business users and less time spent pointing fingers within IT.

Diagnose and recommend

There are many network analysis tools available. But buying a tool is expensive, and getting people trained is another hurdle. HP Network Application Services take WAN optimization and application acceleration tools and surround them with the consulting expertise to apply them effectively in your environment. Each engagement is highly customized to solve your problem or handle your unique business requirements.

Our experts analyze your network and applications to identify critical monitoring points. We collect data and analyze it to develop a profile of each application. In addition to pinpointing application performance problems, Network Application Services answer What-if? questions—“What if we deploy a new application?” or “What if we consolidate users at multiple sites?” We can predict network load and application response and head off problems before they arise.

While identifying a problem is good, fixing it is even better. Our services do both.


We select and deploy the tools best suited to solving your problem. Then we collect data from your network. Our consultants apply analytical software and their own experience to create an in-depth view of your network performance as experienced by each application. For example, our analysis can show:

  • Application response times—We not only document response time for each transaction type, we show you how much is due to network latency and how much is due to processing on application and database servers.
  • Network latency analysis—we analyze the latency contribution of network links and major elements like firewalls and proxy servers.
  • Bandwidth utilization. We document the actual bandwidth utilization of each application. That shows where bottlenecks exist and tells you if increased bandwidth will really help. We can even spot savings through bandwidth reduction.
  • Predictive modeling—via a simulation tool, we predict the effect of proposed changes like the roll-out of new applications.

No diagnosis is useful without a solution. That’s why Network Application Services take the next step and show you what to do to resolve application and network performance problems. The solution depends on the exact problem discovered:

  • Poor network design or configuration—we show you the changes you should make to correct problems and improve performance.
  • Application design—we pinpoint the offending code so your application teams can fix it.
  • Network latency—we design and implement a solution for WAN optimization or network acceleration that can dramatically improve network response for application users. Such systems use caching, compression and spoofing to reduce unnecessary traffic and get the response to the user quicker. We also show you how to effectively operate the system on an ongoing basis.