Web hosting, the key to web presence

The Internet has increased the speed of business exponentially; millions of dollars can be made or lost in minutes. Your company needs to ensure its website is secure and reliable. Your online company profile needs to welcome customers in the same way a brick and mortar location would. The Internet's global nature is breaking location barriers of where your company operates. What may have started out as a small, family-oriented business is now shipping orders to Asia while handling inquiries from South America.

HP Web Hosting Services has the experience to help your company seize these opportunities while providing you with the most current and exciting "storefront" to get a leg up on your competition. With almost 20 years of web hosting knowledge and strong partnerships with industry leaders, we have the answer to your needs.

ROI in the palm of your hand

HP Web Hosting Services provides your company with a secure environment along with best-in-class data retention. Our service employs a high degree of automation, improving response times and reducing cost, allowing for faster site changes to meet market needs while also realizing a greater return on investment. Our experts will show you how you can move your company's web hosting services from a capital intensive environment to one that runs as an operating expense, better aligning costs with business requirements.

We further provide our clients with a client portal allowing them to look into the web hosting environment to check on website performance, print vital reports, and request necessary changes. Our content co-deployment tool allows us to remotely test new features in the environment—saving the steady state and deploying enhancements only when they are proven.