IT infrastructure for network-dependent operations

HP Defense Secure Infrastructure Services provide networks and information services essential to the performance, security, and reliability needs of defense organizations, supporting the exploitation of a secure information environment to fixed and mobile users. Our services include:

  • Applications hosting & development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Workplace & deployment services
  • Network services
  • Cloud-based services
  • Data center services

Defense Secure Infrastructure Services provide the trusted IT infrastructure that enables network-dependent operations. They connect fixed, deployed and mobile users to the data and services they need. Our services enable interoperability among military services and other organizations.

Effective, secure infrastructure services increase the availability, reliability, and resiliency of IT and reduce costs. They enable consolidation and standardization. They increase combat readiness by enhancing collaboration and enabling faster, better decision making.

Commercial technology—defense requirements
Today’s defense organizations are increasingly network and IT dependent in both combat and business operations. Military services face special challenges that go beyond the needs of commercial users. They must have systems that:

  • Maintain continuity in the face of persistent, motivated and well-organized network threats
  • Provide connectivity with form and function appropriate for those operating on the edge of the network, often in bandwidth-restricted and physically demanding circumstances
  • Sustain a highly dynamic operating environment where users frequently shift locations and roles and responsibilities
  • Support interoperability among participants—at varying levels of trust--in joint and coalition operations
  • Enable dynamic and flexible security postures

Aging and inflexible systems are not well designed for dynamic collaboration and joint operations. They are costly to maintain and operate. In many cases they are built on outdated technology that hinders openness and increases security risk.

Tailoring commercial technologies and best practices to provide secure information infrastructure services critical to the warfighter
HP Defense Secure Infrastructure Services enable enterprise-wide:

  • Information sharing and collaboration. From enterprise email to virtual rooms to desktop VTC to HALO centers, we enable users to share information and collaborate in real time regardless of their locations.
  • Application hosting—We host defense mission-critical applications and provide secure access.
  • Infrastructure transformation—We modernize IT infrastructure using industry standards and best practices.
  • Cybersecurity—We enable dynamic security postures that enable defense organizations to pace the threat.
  • Tactical communication. We extend network connectivity from fixed locations to mobile users. We deploy data centers quickly using HP Performance Optimized Datacenters (HP PODS).
  • Data Center Services—We transform data center operations.
  • Network Services—We provide secure network connectivity and interoperability services.

Applying technology to defense requirements
HP combines more than 30 years defense experience with an unrivaled technology portfolio to create 21st century defense solutions. We bring leading technology and enhance it to meet the unique needs of military services. We’re the largest technology company in the world and deliver solutions in more than 170 countries.

We deliver the two largest defense infrastructure programs in the world—the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) and the UK Defence Information Infrastructure.