Serviços de Rede prontos para a Nuvem

Conecte a sua empresa a uma rede flexível e otimizada.

This family of services leverages HP reference architectures, best practices, and proven methodologies to build a network that delivers on the promise of convergence and virtualization. Networking is an important aspect of HP Converged Infrastructure, and organizations driven by it will be able to drastically reduce time, costs, and network sprawl, while increasing customer responsiveness and simplicity of management.

With HP Network Consulting for the Data Center, you can:

  • Benefit from the HP reference architecture to deliver a network blueprint tailored to your unique needs
  • Leverage HP methodology to transform your data center network
  • Accelerate your data center networking projects and reduce the risk of implementation through HP Validated Designs
  • Use our expertise and project experience to guide your data center networking project
  • Simplify control and management of your data center through orchestration and automation tools

Rede pronta para nuvem

The cost-savings and IT-performance benefits of cloud computing are motivating large numbers of enterprises to deploy private clouds, public clouds, or a hybrid. Regardless of which platform you choose, the traditional client/server network infrastructure is no longer capable of fully supporting it. You need one that supports highly scalable and highly dynamic workloads delivered by higher-performing servers. HP Network Consulting incorporates HP’s Cloud Networking blueprint architecture with your requirements to design and build a cloud-ready network infrastructure.

Conheça o especialista

Conecte-se com nossos especialistas em tecnologia da HP, como Craig Partridge, para serviços que aproveitam arquiteturas de referência, práticas recomendadas e metodologias comprovadas da HP para desenvolver uma rede que cumpre a promessa de convergência e virtualização.