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HP’s complete lifecycle of IPv6 Consulting services is a critical component of HP’s comprehensive suite of solutions enabling a seamless transition to an IPv6 connected world, and include:

  • HP Transformation Experience Workshop for IPv6, a highly interactive workshop for building an IPv6 transition roadmap.
  • HP IPv6 Readiness Assessment, a two-part assessment evaluating the technical impact of IPv6 on existing IT environment by analyzing readiness, identifying potential security threats and governance issues and mapping the best way to proceed with the transition for maximum ROI.
  • HP IPv6 Architecture and Design offers clients a comprehensive blueprint for adopting IPv6. HP analyzes current and desired environments to architect a successful deployment of IPv6 across the enterprise.
  • HP IPv6 Web Start.HP IPv6 Web Start leverages leading IPv6 gateway technology and industry best practices, which allows clients with immediate requirements to rapidly establish an IPv6 presence, while developing a phased transformation IPv6 roadmap.
  • HP IPv6 Transition Consulting focuses on the specifics required to implement the IPv6 lifecycle strategy within the infrastructure, taking a client from current state to a planned start up IPv6 footprint, a dual IPv4/IPv6 steady-state environment, and ultimately the decommissioning of IPv4.
  • HP IPv6 Integration and Deployment leverages HP’s 40 plus years of experience working with multivendor IT environments to provide technical expertise and end-to-end project management that ensures a non-disruptive deployment.

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Conecte-se com nossos especialistas em tecnologia da HP, como Yanick Pouffary, para saber mais sobre o ciclo de vida completo da HP de serviços de consultoria IPv6 para uma transição impecável para um mundo conectado por IPv6.


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