Tackle brand issues and opportunities

Using big data analytics, we evaluate your social media commentary, identify issues and opportunities relative to your brand and summarize the results into easy-to-understand trends. We put human and automated processes in place to help you engage with your customers, correct issues or take full advantage of newly identified opportunities.

Provide proactive multi-channel customer care

Engage with your customers through a consistent experience that meets their specific needs and fuels your company’s growth plan.

HP’s Proactive Customer Support within Social Media Channels (video, 3:24 minutes)

Improve customer intimacy, service and sales

We listen, analyze and engage in conversations with your customers, competitors and influencers, across the Internet, social networks and digital channels using big data analytics. We will:

  • Organize and evaluate your customer content
  • Empower you to engage in collaborative conversations and build stronger relationships
  • Provide actionable feedback on customer service issues
  • Identify opportunities to enhance your brand and grow revenue

Our three services, provided in combination for greatest value or available as a graduated set of services, include:

  • Social Media Analysis: Our social media analysts mine the social web to supply you with valuable information and insights about your customers.
  • Engagement Services: Our agents collaborate on your behalf with your customers in social media channels to develop ongoing relationships.
  • Social Enterprise Analytics: We offer a deeper understanding of your customer data, which enables you to improve your customers’ social media experience.

Each service includes a Social Command Center capability that provides you with a 24x7 view of social media activity and unfiltered data.


Engage with customers on social networks

We can help you acquire, service, retain and develop customers. We track and analyze conversations about your brand, products and services on social media networks and respond on your behalf in a timely, effective manner.

We enable a better understanding of your customers and increase customer satisfaction by bringing together many different types of data about a customer in one holistic view. This capability often enables a service agent to have enough information to solve a customer's problem during their first conversation. Our solution can also offer insights that enable highly targeted offers for your customers and prospects.