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As enterprise mobility and BYOD continues to take hold in the modern enterprise, your organization needs to focus on productivity, innovation and engagement as well as the necessary security and governance. Enterprise mobility management (EMM) technologies allow the enterprise to find the right balance. Embrace this new way of working with the confidence brought by the implementation of technologies which can manage the fragmented device landscape (MDM), the applications that they run(MAM) and the data that needs to be accessed(MCM).

Mobility Management Design and Implementation Service – redefine your mobile device, application and content management strategy around productivity. This service delivers the full suite of enterprise mobility management approaches fully integrated with your existing productivity environments. Whether corporately owned or BYO, deliver what your employees need whenever they need it regardless of the device and do it securely.

Secure BYOD – take your users from zero to productive as soon as they bring their device into the office. By integrating EMM with your wireless networking and on-boarding environments, your network is given the intelligence to make access and provisioning decisions based on a combination of user and device identity.

Enterprise App Store – the main value of enabling mobile devices in your enterprise is to capture net new productivity through the delivery of apps based on specific work flows. Once apps have been developed, they must be managed and effectively delivered to your users. Through an internal app store, you can provide access to curated public apps, enterprise developed apps, web/SaaS apps and even legacy Windows applications and desktops through a single portal.

Secure email – use EMM technologies together with a transformed Exchange environment for secure access to corporate email. Add layers of security on top of any existing Exchange active sync implementation and deliver a securely sand-boxed mail client. Data within this mail client is encrypted and under management of the enterprise even if the device is not.

Enterprise drop box– end user productivity is defined by the ability to access the information for a particular task. Your users will have the data they need on any device whether their Windows desktop, smartphone or tablet. Stay confident that your data is protected by keeping this data in a secure encrypted container that can be wiped without affecting any personal data that may be resident on the device.

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