Solutions for the Communications Service Provider

Increasingly the CSP is becoming commoditized as transport, and the business is desperately looking for ways to improve the customer experience, innovate more quickly, while reducing costs and growing the top line.

CSPs face challenges to their traditional business model due to:

  • Aging, inflexible networks and eroding revenue streams
  • Loss of customer loyalty and profits to OTT players such as Google, Amazon
  • Tsunami of data services, devices, a combination of old and new networks

CSPs need to leverage their unique position in the services ecosystem, and move quickly to transform. HP can help you grow your top line and your bottom line getting you ready to compete in the new business of the network.

With HP, CSPs are:

  • Expanding into new markets and creating new revenue from apps, cloud and other services
  • Driving rapid innovation while managing spiraling network costs
  • Enabling more personalized services and monetizing data with contextual insight

In 10 years what will the Communications and IT landscape look like?

As a CSP, you are at the center of this world today. But, are you strengthening your position to take full advantage of emerging market opportunities?

Watch this video to learn more about HP’s take on Telco Choices 4:11 minutes

Industry Edge: Network Functions Virtualization Edition

The communications industry is at a point where the early skepticism and "prove it to me" attitude toward network functions virtualization (NFV) has largely subsided. Today, many of the fundamental aspects of the architecture have been settled, but the specifics are still being worked out. Unprecedented industry efforts are underway to resolve the outstanding issues in a "standard" way involving cooperation between users and suppliers in both the standards and the open source arena. And HP is taking a leading role in this standardization.

Our objective is to make your path to the cloud with NFV as efficient as possible - to be a partner to CSPs, to be flexible, and to remove the barriers on your NFV journey.

CSP Solutions

Actionable Customer Intelligence - BSS Solutions
Transform single customer insight into better business results. Leverage your most valuable asset for targeted service and network monetization

Applications and Cloud Enablement Solutions
Grow your business through service infrastructure modernization, service offering innovation and embracing the cloud

Media and Entertainment
Preparing you for the new style of TV: where consumption and creation are online and mobile

FlexNetwork Utility Advantage Program
Generate new revenue opportunities with a pay-per-use managed network offering for your large enterprise and public sector clients

Internet of Things (IoT)
Build for and capture new value from the proliferation of connected devices

OpenNFV Program
Create a dynamic network environment that enables innovation through faster “trial and delivery” of new cloud-enabled and converged network services, with lower capital expenditures, operating expenditures and risk

Operations Support System (OSS)
Transform, consolidate and automate your OSS to compete efficiently

Orchestrate your business transformation to provide measurable improvements. We help executives develop a strategy to enhance their customer experience, achieve operational excellence and define the roadmap for transformation execution.

Solution Support Services (SSS) is a portfolio of post-implementation services for CMS products and solution covering reactive (including premier), proactive, operational and enhancement services