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HP Connected Photo Support

Why should I use this instead of other photo apps?

Only HP Connected Photo lets you access your photos from multiple sources, such as your PC hard drive and social media sites like Facebook and Snapfish -- across multiple devices. You can also easily print, create photo projects, buy and share. HP Connected Photo also provides you with unlimited photo storage at full resolution.
*Photo products and prints can be ordered online through Snapfish in North America only. Print-at-home or print to any web-connected printer available everywhere.

Will this sync with my phone?

Yes. HP Connected Photo is available for Android smartphones. The Snapfish companion app is available for iPhones.

Is there an app for Window 8 phones?

HP Connected Photo is not available for Windows 8 phones. The app is available for download on any Windows 8 PC.

How can I get prints of my photos?

You can get photo prints in three ways: 1) Purchase prints directly from within the app and pick them up at any participating retailer in the U.S., 2) Purchase prints for home delivery at snapfish.com in North America, 3) Print your photos on your local printer or to any web-connected printer.

How do I sign into Facebook?

Click the Facebook tile and then sign in. If you do not have a Facebook account, click create an account and follow the on-screen instructions. Once the account is created, you can sign into Facebook photos.

How do I access my local photos?

Click the Local Photos tile on the HP Connected Photo home page to access your local photos. The app provides you with access to the photos in your “Pictures” directory.

Can I print my photos from my local printer?

Yes, when viewing the photo, click the “print” button within the app. It’s that simple.

How do I sync the mobile photos from my phone to my PC?

Start by downloading one of the following apps depending on which device you’re using:

  • Android phone or tablet - Download HP Connected Photo from the Google Play store.
  • iPhone or iPad - Download the Snapfish app from Apple App Store.
  • For Android tablets within HP Connected Photo, you can capture photos using the camera button at the top left corner of the app home page (not the system camera button), and the photos will be uploaded to your Snapfish account automatically.
  • For Android phones within HP Connected Photo, you can sync your mobile photos in either of the following two ways:
    • Use the in-app camera button that is on the top left corner of the app home page.
    • Open the auto upload function. You can enable or disable this function within Settings.

Where can I see the mobile photos on Snapfish?

Access mobile photos in your Snapfish account from any of these albums: Uploads from my Android Tablet, or from Uploads from my Android phone, or from Mobile Uploads albums on Snapfish.


Learn how HP Connected Photo can help you

HP Connected Photo

Make the most of your photos. Learn how HP Connected Photo can help you.

HP Connected Music Support

Can I access my iTunes collection with HP Connected Music?

Absolutely. HP Connected Music allows you to view and play your music that you purchased from iTunes. You can even develop playlists that include music from iTunes and the music services you subscribe to from within the application.

Why am I not able to access my rara account through HP Connected Music?

rara is no longer integrated in the HP Connected Music app as of January 1, 2014. We apologize for any inconvenience. You are still able to use rara directly at www.rara.com/hp.

What is the cost for using the service?

The HPCM app is free to use. The subscription services and any music purchases may cost money.

How do I download HP Connected Music?

HP Connected Music is a music experience uniquely for HP customers. It is pre-installed on select HP PCs and tablets and not available for general download.

What audio file formats does HP Connected Music support?

HP Connected Music will play back the following formats: MP3, WAV, AIFF, Apple Lossless, AAC, FLAC, OGG.

HP Connected Music will play back files at bit depths up to 24 bit and sample rates up to 96khz.

HP Connected Music will encode CD's in the following formats:

  • FLAC for full quality lossless storage and playback (FLAC shrinks files to roughly half their size but keeps full quality)
  • AAC for lossy storage and playback (AAC shrinks files considerably for portable use and is recognized by Apple, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and other portable devices.)

How can I add music to my collection?

The easiest way to add music to your library is to save it to your Music folder in Windows. Because this folder is "watched", any songs added to this folder will automatically be added to your collection.

To set up a folder to be “watched”, drag and drop the folder directly into HP Connected Music, or add it through Preferences, on the Folders tab.

HP Connected Music can watch up to ten folders in addition to Windows’ Music Folder and iTunes. Any music in these folders will automatically appear in your collection, and your collection will be updated automatically any time music is added or deleted.

There are a few other ways to add music:

  • You can buy music from the 7Digital Store.
  • If you download music from other stores, you can drag and drop it into the HP Connected Music application, or move it to your Music folder.

If you insert a music CD, the title will appear under the Navigation dropdown in the upper left, with an "Import" button to confirm that you want to add the disc to your collection.

If I buy music from the iTunes music store or download from some other online store, is that added to my HP Connected Music library?

If you buy music from the iTunes music store, it will be placed in your iTunes music folder and HP Connected Music will automatically detect it and add it to your library.

If you download music from elsewhere, you can save it to your Music folder, or drag it right into the application.

How much music can I have in my collection?

There is no official limit to how much music you can have in HP Connected Music. Performance will depend on a combination of factors, such as how powerful your computer is, and how big your collection is.

Our interface is designed so that no matter how large your collection, you will experience the same speed and fluidity of experience as with a very small collection.

Whether you have 25 songs or 25,000 albums, HP Connected Music is designed to help you find exactly what you're looking for in seconds.

Can HP Connected Music sync music to my phone or iPod?

Right now, HP Connected Music only supports desktop playback, although we plan to offer mobile syncing soon.

HP Connected Print Support

What is Hpconnected.com?

HP Connected.com is a free service to store, access, share and print documents from any web-connected device.

With an HP Connected account, you can:

  • Print on the go and access your print files from any web-connected device.
  • Print premium content from around the web easily with fun and useful HP Printables.
  • Know exactly what your printer's status is with printer status alerts that can be viewed from any web-connected device.

What capabilities does an HP Connected account add to my printer?

HP Connected makes a powerful addition to your printer:

  • HP ePrint prints email and supported attachments (up to 10 MB) sent to the printer’s email address.
  • You can manage the printer's HP Connected email address and authorized users list to enable others to send print jobs to your HP connected printer.
  • HP Printables feature tips, news, business info, recipes, kids’ activities, puzzles, and more that you can print from your printer.
  • Select Printables can be scheduled to send content to your printer when you want it.


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