All information contained on this page reflects partnerships and initiatives by Hewlett-Packard Company prior to the company’s November 1, 2015 separation. HP information will be introduced to the site on an on-going basis as they become available.

We can't do it alone. Progress requires collaboration.

HP Partnerships

WWF Living Planet @ Work Founded with HP

HP collaborated with WWF to create something revolutionary: an employee engagement program that offers free guidance to hundreds of businesses on how to drive environmental sustainability within your organization.

We're not the only ones who think this partnership is cool. The Ivey School of Business published a case study of the partnership between HP and WWF Canada as an example of how successful Corporate-NGO partnerships are formed.

This partnership has also been highlighted in other publications including a thought leadership piece in the Globe and Mail and editorial in Alternatives Journal that spells out the need for qualified sustainability professionals, other articles in the magazine highlight HP’s practices and expertise in this space including the partnership with WWF. Yet again the partnership was featured, this time in an MIT Sloan Management Review blog. It doesn’t stop there, this story has turned into a TEDx talk inspiring students, in particular technical students, to think about careers in non-profits.
Living Planet @ Work .

WWF Canada – Spring Things Campaign

The Spring Things campaign is a fun and engaging workplace fundraising campaign in the spring season to help WWF Living Planet @ Work members make a significant contribution to conservation and engage their fellow colleagues. This annual campaign includes Polar Bear Week in February, Earth Hour in April, and the CN Tower Climb in May.

Climbing for a Cause

Each year, HP challenges employees to climb the Toronto CN Tower steps to support WWF Canada’s efforts to fight climate change.

To show their support, HP employees volunteered to do a Polar Bear Dip in freezing Lake Ontario for Polar Bear Week in February in support of WWF’s Artic Home program.

Read more in the WWF Canada blog .

WWF Canada Spring Things CEO Committee

It’s no secret that Canadians have strong emotional ties to our spectacular natural environment. Yet, according to Statistics Canada, less than 3% of all charitable donations in this country go toward environmental causes. WWF CEO David Miller partnered with HP Canada former Managing Director Lloyd Bryant to enlist the help of Canadian CEOs to raise the profile of environmental causes in the workplace.

Read more in the WWF Canada blog .

WWF Climate Savers Program

WWF Climate Savers is an initiative to mobilize multinational companies to voluntarily reduce greenhouse gas emissions. HP has been a member of the WWF Climate Savers program since 2008, working with WWF’s to set aggressive GHG emissions reduction goals for our company and also to help define effective company-wide and governmental policies to curb climate change.

HP is also a member of the WWF Global Forest & Trade Network and the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

LSF: Learning for a sustainable Future

As a longtime supporter of this small but mighty Environmental NGO, HP facilitates the transformation of teaching and learning in Canada and beyond. HP helped LSF create a database of sustainability resource materials for teachers that are curriculum and grade matched and peer reviewed – the Resources 4 Rethinking database now contains over 1,200 resources in both French and English.

Schulich School of Business – York University

In 2003 HP endowed a chair in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Schulich School of Business. This Canadian university ranked #1 by Corporate Knights in their Global 100 Sustainable MBAs ranking. The current chair professor Dirk Matten is a world renowned author and leader in CSR. HP is proud to support this work in educating the next generation of business leaders in the importance of CSR.

Smart Commute Carpool Program

HP is partners with Smart Commute Mississauga to provide our employees with alternative commuting choices, encouraging employees to walk, cycle, take transit, or carpool to the office.

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