The HP Mobility Security IDS/IPS System is comprised of HP RF Manager and MSM415 Sensors. HP RF Manager in combination with the MSM415 Sensor detects and prevents wireless threats with automated policy-based security and location-tracking capabilities with full support for all IEEE 802.11 WLAN networks.

The system eliminates false positive alerts and uses patented automatic classification and mitigation techniques to block unauthorized wireless traffic without disrupting the performance of authorized wireless devices. The HP MSM415 RF Security Sensor is required to continuously scan IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n networks for wireless threats and enforce their mitigation.

The HP Mobility Security IDS/IPS System prevents multiple threats while scanning for new ones, providing industry-leading wireless protection, and it can be deployed to enforce a no-WiFi policy. It has predefined compliance reports for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), PCI, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, and Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 1800.2.


Intrusion detection/prevention system (IDS/IPS)

Industry-leading threat detection: protects your organization from emerging threats, including comprehensive IEEE 802.11n rogue APs, Multi-Pot threats, denial-of-service (DoS), and WEP cracking attacks; DoS prevention disrupts malicious behavior and reclaims bandwidth for your authorized APs and clients, keeping your mission critical applications running atoptimal efficiency
360 degree visibility into wireless traffic: - HP RF Manager enables customers to protect both wired and wireless networks from wireless vulnerabilities . - by continuously scanning the airwaves, RF Manager automatically protects businesses against data leakage through the wireless network . - RF Manager can rapidly and proactively detect and eliminate threats through accurate and robust automated classification of wireless devices including smartphones and tablets.
Simplified and comprehensive reporting tools: automated report generation and delivery make complex wireless audits a "hands-off" process
Scalable from midmarket to large enterprise: - supports all HP wireless solutions. - manage up to 250 sensors per HP RF Manager (J9521A) or up to 600 sensors per HP RF Manager for VMware (J9838AAE); (note that controllers prior to J9521A support a lower maximum number of sensors).
Advanced WIPS option: - WLAN Performance Management summarizes issues with configurable alerts on bandwidth, configuration, RF coverage, and interference status, has customizable controls for severity, display, notification, and real-time alerts of performance events . - Smart Forensics enables two-click drill down for accurate threat detection/analysis, physical location tracking, and audit trails of system/admin actions. - supported only on RF Manager v6.0 and later.

Technical features

Wireless IDS/IPS features: - accurately autoclassifies APs and client devices using patented autoclassification techniques to block genuine threats. - automatically prevents denial-of-service attacks and more than 20 threats simultaneously from a single sensor while continuing to scan for threats. - pinpoints the physical location of vulnerable or threat-posing devices. - blocks unauthorized traffic without network disruption. - detects and locates non-WiFiinterference and RF jamming.
Protection against rogue IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n access points and wireless networks: leverages the HP MSM415 sensor to provide 24x7 security detection and prevention capabilities for the wireless network
WEP cracking and impersonation attacks: protect against active WEP cracking and impersonation attacks
Identification of performance problems: occurs proactively before impact to end users; categorizes the potential source, such as configuration issues (specifically incorrect channel allocation, sub-optimal IEEE 802.11n protocol settings), bandwidth (poor utilization, low average, data rate, excessive overhead), and RF (non-WiFi interference, channel crowding)
Integration with HP MSM Controller: reduces administration time and effort through automatic synchronizing of authorized APs and clients with MSM controllers

Warranty and support

Lifetime warranty: for the MSM415 RF Security Sensor, for as long as you own the product, with next-business-day advance replacement (available in most countries)†
1-year warranty: for the RF Manager Controller with next-business-day advance replacement(available in most countries); warranty extensions are available
Software releases and warranty: software for the RF Manager Controller, RF Manager for VMware, and MSM415 RF Security Sensor include 1 year of defect fixes; for details on the software releases available with your product purchase, refer to; to find software for your product, refer to
Electronic and telephone support: limited electronic and business-hours telephone support is available from HP for the entire warranty period; to reach our support centers, refer to; for details on the duration of support provided with your product purchase, refer to
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