Advanced features enable retailers to standardize on one system to run mission critical operations. Expandable and highly configurable for easy implementation into your existing ecosystem; choose operating systems, Intel® processors, storage, and memory.

High performance

Available with a choice of operating systems, Intel® processors, mass storage, removable media, and memory the HP rp5800 has a flexible design that you can customize to fit your needs.
The Intel® Core™ vPro™ Processors provide hardware-based remote management technologies enabling a stable, secure and reliable IT infrastructure.
Dual-integrated graphics ports, a VGA port and DisplayPort (new on this platform) provide support for both employee-facing and a customer-facing display to help create a richer and more engaging customer experience.
Point-of-sale system configurations with RAID support and Solid State Drives enhance data protection and offer greater durability.

Expandable and configurable

With extra memory slots, multiple PCI Express (PCIe) slots, 3.5”/5.25” bays, and optional optical drives, the HP rp5800 POS System has a flexible design that you can customize to fit your retail environment.
Connect to a broad range of point-of-sale accessories and options for greater productivity and flexibility to fit in your retail environment.

Stable and manageable

Reliable, retail-hardened engineering helps reduce downtime and keep your store running smoothly. The ruggedized POS system and 40ºC ambient temperature support extend longevity through your normal business activities.
Intel’s vPro Technology enables out-of-band management making it possible to do remote support of PCs in any power state and without a working operating system environment.

Works with your environment

Keep it together with the HP Integration Tray designed to house the HP rp5800 POS System along with key peripherals in one integrated solution. Now there is a place for all your peripherals, a manageable workspace neatly contained.
To make your transition to new hardware easier, the HP rp5800 POS System has the same footprint and physical size as the HP rp5700 so it fits in your current space and offers broad OS support with Windows 7 and Microsoft Windows POSReady 2009.