Atalla Premium Software Option

HP Atalla announces a Premium Software option for the Ax160 family of Network Security Processors (NSP) providing:

  • SSL/TLS secure host connectivity
  • Whitelist host client access control
  • Automated cryptographic health checking
  • CPU performance monitoring
  • Command monitoring and improved remote NSP management capabilities

Also included are the Remote Key Management command set, which is used to remotely initialize ATM devices, and the PIN letter and key component printing command set. In addition, Premium Software utilizes the new HP Atalla version 2.0 smart cards (sold separately) which support stronger key sizes to secure the communications channel established between the NSP and the Secure Configuration Assistant-3. An optional feature available on the A10160 NSP is the ability to configure multiple Master File Keys.

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High-performance cryptography and key management

Protect your business and its financial data with the HP Network Security Processor (NSP). This secure, tamper-resistant hardware security module (HSM) for cryptographic processing solutions on automatic teller machine, electronic fund transfer, and point-of-sale networks delivers high-performing cryptography and key management capabilities for card payment authorization and real-time fraud prevention. And it meets critical financial services industry, PCI-DSS, and NIST standards for security and compliance.


Key features

  • Continuously protect your cryptographic keys
  • Meet the highest government and financial industry standards
  • Mitigate risk, enforce controls
  • Scale easily as your security system grows
  • Apply high-performance PIN translation and verification

An identity-based, secure configuration and key injection device

The HP Atalla Secure Configuration Assistant is a secure configuration and key injection device for managing HP Atalla Network Security Processors (NSPs). The tablet-based tool has an intuitive graphic user interface that enables your security officers to easily configure commands and control NSP configuration, in a trusted and secure manner.


Key features

  • Use custom smart cards to perform cryptography and store security data
  • Manage NSPs remotely, anywhere in the network
  • Easily replicate configurations on NSPs locally or remotely
  • Meet FIPS 140-2 Level 3 requirements
  • Apply calculation crypto functions

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