Secure and protect valuable data from hardware failure, human error, and software corruption

Data is the most important and most valuable asset to your company. To your small or midsize business data means everything.

Loss or unrecovered data is a significant risk. Your company can suffer financially or your reputation can be damaged due to lost data. The cause of data loss can happen anywhere in the business environment. Loss can occur from hardware failures, human error and intentional intrusion. Protecting your data is the fundamental way to protect your business. Since data is your business, you need to protect both your data and your business.

To understand more about how HP’s Data Protection offerings can protect your data, help your daily business operations and help alleviate disasters, evaluate the two common situations below:

Situation A - Massive power spike from municipal grid

  • Power surge hits branch office on Friday afternoon
  • Servers are safe, but local laptops and desktops are fried
  • All files, applications and settings since last weekend’s backup are lost

HP ProLiant DL 180 G6 
Ideal for a multi-server deployment. This server is optimized with a small footprint.

HP P4000 G2 SAN 
Provides the benefits of a physical server and transforms server disk drives and external legacy storage into a virtual iSCSI SAN. Cost and complexity are minimized.

HP Data Protector Software for PC 
Helps ensure that notebooks and desktops are continuously protected and easily restored. It backs up data continuously and transparently.

With this HP solution installed:

  • All data is now kept on the main office server and is backed up to tape.
  • All data is replicated and available for instant local access.
  • Only byte-level changes have to be transferred across the WAN, not entire files.
  • RPO (matter of seconds) Data is protected in real time, so power surge results in minimal or no data loss.
  • RTO (hours to days). Depending on how fast new equipment can be brought online and how quickly files can be restored.

Situation B - Server fails between backups

  • The server goes down at 3 PM
  • The most recent incremental backup was last night at 10 pm
  • An entire day’s worth of work disappears, your site grinds to a halt and everyone is looking at you

HP P4000 G2 SAN
Provides benefits of a physical server and transforms server disk drives and external legacy storage into a virtual iSCSI SAN, cost and complexity are minimized.

HP Data Protector Software for PC
Automatically apply snapshot or other backup configurations to new database as they come online, its affordable & simplified snapshot function is ideal for Microsoft environment.

With this HP solution installed:

  • Snapshots can be taken frequently without impact to production servers.
  • Snapshots can be replicated locally or remotely for backup to tape.
  • Snapshots are mapped to the application transaction logs to ensure full recovery -- no data is lost.
  • RPO: Any point in time, even to the exact second specified by the backup administrator.
  • RTO: Application can be restarted in minutes once the backup administrator initiates the process from any web-based console.

Learn more about the recommended servers, storage, networking, software and services for Data Protection.

Implement one product, a few or all products to achieve the level of data protection that suits your business needs.


HP ProLiant G7 Servers
Optimized for space-constrained installations. This server combines concentrated 1U compute power, HP Insight Control, and essential fault tolerance.

HP ProLiant 180 G6 Server series
Ideal for a multi-server deployment. This server is optimized with a small footprint.

HP Systems Insight Manager
The easiest, simplest and least expensive way for HP system administrators to manage HP servers and storage and to maximize system uptime and health. Targeted primarily for heterogeneous data centers with a significant portion of HP servers and storage.


HP P4000 G2 SAN
HP P4000 SAN is proven for blade servers, virtual servers, client virtualization, database, email and business applications. The P4000 eliminates single points of failure and offers application data high availability to help reduce risks without driving up costs.

HP D2D StoreOnce Backup Systems
Flexible disk-based backup with StoreOnce deduplication. Enables network-efficient data replication for scalable, cost-effective data protection of distributed environments.


HP E-MSM 460 Wireless Access Point
Tthree-spatial-stream MIMO technology brings 802.11n near Gigabit Ethernet performance to 900 Mb/s. Enhances coverage areas with beam-forming technology improves RF coverage areas and reduces roaming "dead" spots.

HP E5400 zl Switch Series
Layer 2/3/4 switches offering and advanced intelligent edge capability in a chassis (6-slot and 12-slot) form factor. Offers excellent investment protection, flexibility, and scalability, as well as ease of deployment, operation, and maintenance.

HP Mobility Manager
Monitors wireless networks, aids in RF visualization, and leverages HP PCM+ tools in the management of mobility devices with real-time performance monitoring of MSM devices and centralized configuration maintenance through PCM.


HP Data Protector Express Software
Cost-effectively maximize application uptime through impact-free backup and recovery operations for disk and tape. Recover applications and data to any point in time.

HP Data Protector Software for PCs
Helps protect against hard drive failure or laptop loss/theft. Provides continuous, transparent laptop and desktop backup that eliminates scheduled backups and protects data whether users are on- or offline. End users can recover data with a simple, point-and-click menu.

HP Insight Remote Support Standard Software
Delivers secure remote support for your HP servers, storage, network, SAN environments and selected multi-vendor devices. 24 X 7, systems can be remotely monitored for hardware failure to avoid problems before they occur.


HP Proactive Select Services
A customizable and menu-based service offering to address technology and process requirements. A committed account support manager who works with your IT team to understand the environment and then creates an action plan to meet the objective.