Perform and thrive.

Today's defense and security organizations face unique challenges, demanding greater levels of information, higher levels of security, network-enabled war-fighting capability and modernized support functions.

They must find ways to:

  • Deliver greater and smarter military capabilities at lower costs
  • Communicate quickly and securely with collaborating nations and other government and non-government organizations to empower real-time decision-making
  • Respond quickly to unpredictable threats and humanitarian crises
  • Assure freedom of maneuver and information protection in the cyber domain while under aggressive, persistent attack
  • Improve efficiencies in personnel, logistics, command and control, secure infrastructure and cybersecurity

Achieving these and other objectives requires more than simply acquiring new information technology. It also requires transforming processes and training people to perform and thrive in this new environment.

HP services and solutions for Defense and National Security help governments overcome the challenges faced when:

  • Securing communications and information
  • Deploying and operating fixed and mobile IT infrastructure
  • Collaborating and sharing real-time information for more accurate and faster decision-making within interagency frameworks, as well as with allies and alliances
  • Moving personnel, supplies and equipment around the world
  • Caring for defense personnel and their families

Our record of service to Defense and National Security agencies is unmatched.

  • HP supports operations in Afghanistan with mobile computing solutions
  • We secure and maintain the world's largest secure private intranet - the U.S. Navy Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI)
  • HP serves the U.K. Ministry of Defence by managing one of Europe's largest IT infrastructure projects in DII (Defense Information Infrastructure)
  • HP manages more than 28 million smart-cards for the U.S. DoD, and many more
Commandement et contrôle pour la Défense

Operational information solutions enable better and timely decisions

Cybersécurité pour la Défense

Enhance the spectrum of cybersecurity operations for defense.

Logistique de la Défense

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of defense logistics

Services du personnel de la Défense

Improving personnel services for defense organizations

Services d'infrastructure sécurisée de la Défense

Designing and delivering infrastructure services for defense

Solutions de sécurité nationale

HP solutions for National security and emergency response