Meeting today’s challenges

State, local, and provincial governments' ability to provide services to constituents is being challenged by budgetary pressures, regulatory guidelines, aging demographics, and heightened concerns over security and privacy. These issues are the driving forces complicating the decisions of today's government officials.

HP understands the many citizen and business touch points of state, local and provincial governments. We also understand the need to increase your ability to make informed business decisions and mitigate your risks by leveraging proven and comprehensive technology solutions.

Our state, local and provincial government services and solutions range from application transformation and infrastructure consulting to complete outsourcing and cloud. We also combine pre-integrated, commercial, off-the-shelf components with custom software to deliver all the advantages of both.

These solutions, built in collaboration with our government clients, have enhanced the citizen experience, reduced costs and fraud, and improved business process accuracy, efficiency and effectiveness.

HP services and solutions provide you with the flexibility you need, while ensuring those systems are reliable, secure and cost-effective.

We help you apply information technology to enable policy outcomes.

Note: Some of the government industry solutions and services presented are primarily delivered to/for U.S. Public Sector clients. However, HP Enterprise Services can deliver these services and components of these solutions to meet the unique regulatory environments and laws of respective countries around the world.

Child Care Solution

Providing client-centric services while reducing costs

Exécution des pensions alimentaires des enfants

More effective and efficient child support enforcement

Services de gestion des élections

Inscription des électeurs et gestion des élections conforme à la loi HAVA

Administration des véhicules à moteur

Une solution intégrée pour les conducteurs, les véhicules et les revenus

Administration de la retraite et des prestations publiques

Les organismes responsables de la défense et de la sécurité d'aujourd'hui sont confrontés à des défis uniques, dont le traitement requiert de plus hauts niveaux d'informations, de plus hauts niveaux de sécurité, un potentiel de riposte basé sur la connectivité à des réseaux, et des fonctionnalités de soutien modernisées.