HPE 12500 交换机系列由一系列功能强大的新一代路由交换机组成,具有出色的容量和领先的可扩展性。 专为采用非阻塞和分布式 Clos 架构实现高性能而设计,可提供高达 24.3 Tbps 的交换容量和 10.8 Bpps 的吞吐量,每线卡插槽高达 400 Gbps。



  • HPE 12518E 交换机和 HPE 12508E 交换机可为客户提供投资保护,并扩展其已安装的 12500 基础系统的价值。
  • 高性能 10/40/100GbE 模块 — 48 个 10GbE 端口、16 个 40GbE 端口和 4 个 100GbE 端口
  • 凭借 24.3 Tbps 交换容量实现高可扩展性。
  • 增强的 MDC 和 IRF 功能及 SPB、EVI 及 OpenFlow 1.3。
  • 支持用于构建融合网络的 DCB/FCoE 功能。


Data Center Optimized

HPE 12500 交换机系列的每个线卡插槽速率可达 400 Gbps,具有可达 24.3 Tbps 的交换容量和 10.8 Bpps 的吞吐量。

Multi-tenant Device Context (MDC) is an innovative Data Center virtualization solution that enables multi-tenancy, giving you the ability to virtualize a physical switch into multiple topical devices, with each logical switch having its own tenants.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) 以太网虚拟互连 (EVI) 是一款 HPE 虚拟应用网络创新,它提供跨数据中心的第 2 层扩展来简化分布于各地的数据中心之间的互连。

The Data Center Bridging (DCB) protocols provide support for IEEE 802.1Qaz Data Center Bridging Exchange (DCBX), Enhanced Transmission Selection (ETS), and IEEE 802.1Qbb Priority Flow Control (PFC) for converged fabrics.

High-Performance Networking Density and Connectivity

HPE 12500 交换机系列具有采用非阻塞和分布式 Clos 架构的高性能设计。

This Switch Series offers high-density 1/10/40/100GbE interface connectivity with up to 18 interface module slots to scale to 865 1/10GbE or 288 40GbE or 72 100GbE ports.

Ultrafast protocol convergence enables link connectivity monitoring and reduces network convergence time for RIP, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS, VRRP, MPLS, and IRF.

The IPv6 host enables switches to be managed and deployed at the IPv6 network's edge, while dual-stack configuration transitions from IPv4 to IPv6, supporting connectivity in both protocols.


HPE 12500 交换机系列支持冗余结构,可在简化网络运维的同时实现最佳网络性能和可用性。

These switches offer full hardware redundancy for each component including power supplies, fan trays, supervisor modules, and fabric modules to enable the highest level of availability.

Intelligent Resilient Fabric (IRF) creates virtual resilient switching fabrics, where two or more switches perform a single L2 switch and L3 router that can be attached using standard LACP for automatic load balancing and high availability.

Software-defined Networking (SDN) support helps you unleash new levels of automation and efficiency in Data Center networks.

The OpenFlow 1.3 specifications support SDN by allowing separation of the data (packet forwarding) and control (routing decision) paths.

Higher Levels of Management

HPE 12500 交换机系列具有 sFlow,提供基于 ASIC 的可扩展网络监控和统计功能,使操作人员能够收集各种复杂的网络统计数据和信息以用于容量规划和实时监控。

IEEE 802.1AB LLDP discovery advertises and receives management information from adjacent devices on a network, facilitating easy mapping by network management applications.

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